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Green pastures…..and still waters

WOW beautiful lake.jpg

Do not fear. Do not Worry. Do not doubt. 

There are all Kinds of commands in the New 

Testament. Do not Here’s a biggie: Jesus said, 

BE PERFECT” Try doing that one by yourself!

It’s time we realize we don’t keep all the commands, 

so what is the point of walking up to someone and 

saying by the way “The bible says’ Not to forsake 

the gathering” and imply they are not right with God 

if they missed church last Sunday? 

Sometimes I want to say “really, are you perfect yet?” 

God spoke to my heart he said, “Church should be like

Psalm 23″ It Restores you, you are fed Still Waters, 

Green pastures. “He restores my soul.” 

Whether you spent the day with Jesus (the Shepherd

of your soul) Or with other sheep, (of his pasture) remember

this, God approves of you, and loves you! SO long as you 

are in HIS adpotion process you are His! HIS and no one 

elses! ALLOW HIM to direct your paths, K? 

Keeping in real (as Doc Lynch would say) BE Blessed! 

Laura Grace 

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