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Suicide: My take on the subject…. (Stuff nobody wants to talk about, #4)


I’m going to address a tough subect here, because God told me to do it. 

In my (over 30 years) of travels, both amongst the Christian and secular realms, I have heard much on this subject. I’ve read many books on the subject too. 

Suicide happens because of free will. I had a Christian once tell me some do it out of defiance (to have the last word) In other words “I”LL SHOW YOU” Here, deal with my death! Judas committed suicide, after he betrayed Jesus. Sampson (in a way) knew, when he prayed to have strength “on more time” to defeat Israel’s enemies, that he would die in the process, but it does not qualify as suicide 

I am addressing this topic because God wants me to. 

It’s not always a “spirit of suicide’ as many surmise. 

People left behind after such a tragedy, want to know WHY

Not too long ago, I asked someone to pray for this person who said they were feeling suicidal. She said, “Statistics show people who are really going to do that don’t tell anyone.” I’ve heard this before (as well.) 

They did not seem to want to pray, because they were so bound up in their knowledge on the subject. SO instead of saying let’s pray, I got a big argument instead. 

It made me sad.  And a little bit angry, I must admit.

So here we go: 

#1 because the devil (always) wants to steal kill and destroy, he is ultimately behind it. Whether it was out fear of not facing another day (for the person wanting to end it all) or whether it was accumulative despair, hopeless feelings that overwhelmed them, or even as this other person suggested, “Defiance’ as in “I”ll show you!” I do believe the devil’s influence upon this earth is why “many bad things happen.” The reasons people do things are as varied as the types of plants we have on this earth. So if we want to know ‘the reason” we need to look at each invidual case with God’s help. 

#2 The answer, as to how to stop or prevent it, is just as varied as the actual condition, or situation of the person who has decided to take their own life. 

#3 Sometimes we cannor stop it (from happening) and this is the hardest fact of all. 

Lastly, if it’s going to be prevented, or can be, I believe we should seek God for the answer on this. (#4) Do they need love today? Prayer? a Crisis line? or maybe they just need YOUR listening ear .I have no idea but GOD DOES! And he’s always willing to share that information with us, if we seek Him for it. 

2000 years ago when people ate simple foods, and the world was much different, there were not recorded cases of chemical imbalances, mental illness, and so on. Many who believe the bible is their ONLY source of information (If it ain’t in the bible it just isn’t so type people) Think that because Jesus always cast out demons, well then it has to be a demon (of suicide) Because mental illness is not addressed in our bible (to my knowledge). 

There is mental illness. Sometimes demonic activity is passed off as mental illness, while other times mental illness is misdiagnosed and there really IS demonic activity going on. 

Now we are back to square one 

seek God 

Every case is different. 

ASK HIM What they need! 

if you are feeling suicidal, God always wants to rescue you 

If someone you love did it, it is not your fault. 

I’ve seen God Rescue people from many things (Including this terrible temptaion) so I know it can happen. 

#5 I refuse to put God in a box. 

Jesus is the answer 

and the answer (Pretty much always) will be just a bit different.

Grace to Grow

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