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Healing and Life & Freedom from strife

Sharing something personal with you……..beautiful blue scene.jpg

We dream of a world where THAT never happens again whatever it is. Nobody ever lies to us again.

Nobody ever hurts us again. Sometimes we grow up thinking “when I grow up” Nobody is going to (Make me) go through that again. It could be anything.

Maybe making you feel ashamed of your clothes. That happened long ago but some person just made a wicked comnent that sent you through the roof, and you don’t know why? How could their words hurt me so much (you wonder?)

I’ve been saved and serving God for 30 years. There are things that still can get under my skin, mess me up, and make me feel like I am not a new creature at all in Jesus. I AM (how do U know?) because the first thing I think is “Help me Jesus’ not ‘Going to kill them now” LOL

WE ALL suffer different things in life and if it happens at an impressionable age it can really affect us for life (without God’s help) Without God I’d have been on a whole lot of meds I can tell you that.

I can study psychology and see very plainly I had “PTSD” as they call it. When you “Freak out” because something reminds you of a painful moment you thought you forgot. When you “see red” because someone said something that reminds you of a painful time you have tucked away in a closet somewhere.

You are NOT going to realize these things without God’s help or someone (to hold you accountable) which could be a counsellor or a really wise friend if you have one to talk to. I was hurt by someone this week that Loves me and I know I love them but. It still hurt. A LOT. I Know from past experience not to freak out. I prayed, I waited, (prayed more) and finally approached them about it. I made calm decisions what I am going to do about it too.

I Worked through my FEELINGS that made me want to freak out. I assessed it all with God’s help.Why? because I learned the hard way I can make matters worse if I freak out and start saying things I regret.

this is called working out your Salvation (in God) this passage in Phillipians is talking to BELIEVERS (not unbelievers) Philippians 2:12 [ Light Bearers ] “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” Have a great weekend friends! Love you dearly! Laura Grace 

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What Truly is Adultery toward God? The Fiery book of James: Letting the Fire of God purify your heart (and mind)

105_1354.JPG How well I remember the first time I heard the word: “World-ly.” It was from a congregation member in an independent pentecostal style church, and they were referring to watching television. ‘Friendship with the world is hatred toward God, ” they declared to me with much confidence. “It’s in the book of James,” they said. 

SO I went home and read the book of James. I have to say I didn’t much care for James (my brother in the Lord by the way) When I first read his book. I thought, “Wow,” and was stunned by these words; “Adulterers and Adultesses! Don’t you know friendship with the world is emnity (hatred) toward God? Wow. Wrecked all my love theories in a big fat hurry! James 3 and 4, preface to 5 where the solution is given, without a lot of fanfare. It wrecked my pride, right then. See I was faithful to someone who wasn’t (toward me) and I had serious pride about it too. 

I wasn’t too happy with James that day, for causing me to see how Adulterous I was, but once I had read the words, I could not possibly “Un-read” them either. 

I remember when I heard television watching, listening to (worldly) music, smoking, eating too much, and even talking to those who are not preaching the bible every day of their lives was considered to be “worldiness.” I wanted you to know where this doctrine came from. It came from someone who loved the bible, but didn’t study it too well. They saw something on the pages (of their beloved bible) and ran with it. 

What is the cure to this (adulterous) Worldiness James is talking about? Well he tells you in his next words, “Draw near to God,” He says (James 4:8) “Purify your heart” (oh I just thought of Matthew 5, blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall (see God) Oh maybe this is the cure for blindness, eh? Purify my heart? What does that mean? 

So I asked God about it (over and over again) in my personal friendship time with Him. For if he is my friend, he is willing to show me, right? I would think so! 

OH here’s the answer: “He gives us more Grace.” More Grace? More unmerrited favor when we are so messed up? How could it be, I wondered? 

James mentions weeping (over our own sing) getting humble, enduring, and patiently waiting for God to do the work (in us) and also “admitting” to others we have faults. 

He says nothing about going on witch hunts to find people we think are worldly and nailing them to the wall. Nothing about being all puffed up and smug about our “lack of worldliness,” And nothing about Judging others (for being so messed up). Furthermore He (like his brother Jesus) Just said we are adulterers and adultresses JUST for loving the world (or any part of it) More than we love God. WOW. 

So, there we go. No more judging others for what YOU consider to be worldly or the worst sin, eh? Get your eyes on yourself (and your relationship with God). It’s the only way. The only way! And now you know why I don’t easily submit to the judgment of others. Let God be the Judge! Let (the words) of man fall to the ground, and let every Word of God stand true! I love James (now) Why? I Prayed I would! And God answered me! Because this is the types of prayers HE REALLY LOVES TO ANSWER! “Father change my heart, make me more like you……Help me love what you love, and turn from what you hate. Amen” 


Your sister, lover of James, lover of God and lover of truth in God’s Spirit, 

As Christ is formed in you ……(Let it begin) God’s peace (and Mercy) to you all…….


Laura Grace 


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Suicide: My take on the subject…. (Stuff nobody wants to talk about, #4)


I’m going to address a tough subect here, because God told me to do it. 

In my (over 30 years) of travels, both amongst the Christian and secular realms, I have heard much on this subject. I’ve read many books on the subject too. 

Suicide happens because of free will. I had a Christian once tell me some do it out of defiance (to have the last word) In other words “I”LL SHOW YOU” Here, deal with my death! Judas committed suicide, after he betrayed Jesus. Sampson (in a way) knew, when he prayed to have strength “on more time” to defeat Israel’s enemies, that he would die in the process, but it does not qualify as suicide 

I am addressing this topic because God wants me to. 

It’s not always a “spirit of suicide’ as many surmise. 

People left behind after such a tragedy, want to know WHY

Not too long ago, I asked someone to pray for this person who said they were feeling suicidal. She said, “Statistics show people who are really going to do that don’t tell anyone.” I’ve heard this before (as well.) 

They did not seem to want to pray, because they were so bound up in their knowledge on the subject. SO instead of saying let’s pray, I got a big argument instead. 

It made me sad.  And a little bit angry, I must admit.

So here we go: 

#1 because the devil (always) wants to steal kill and destroy, he is ultimately behind it. Whether it was out fear of not facing another day (for the person wanting to end it all) or whether it was accumulative despair, hopeless feelings that overwhelmed them, or even as this other person suggested, “Defiance’ as in “I”ll show you!” I do believe the devil’s influence upon this earth is why “many bad things happen.” The reasons people do things are as varied as the types of plants we have on this earth. So if we want to know ‘the reason” we need to look at each invidual case with God’s help. 

#2 The answer, as to how to stop or prevent it, is just as varied as the actual condition, or situation of the person who has decided to take their own life. 

#3 Sometimes we cannor stop it (from happening) and this is the hardest fact of all. 

Lastly, if it’s going to be prevented, or can be, I believe we should seek God for the answer on this. (#4) Do they need love today? Prayer? a Crisis line? or maybe they just need YOUR listening ear .I have no idea but GOD DOES! And he’s always willing to share that information with us, if we seek Him for it. 

2000 years ago when people ate simple foods, and the world was much different, there were not recorded cases of chemical imbalances, mental illness, and so on. Many who believe the bible is their ONLY source of information (If it ain’t in the bible it just isn’t so type people) Think that because Jesus always cast out demons, well then it has to be a demon (of suicide) Because mental illness is not addressed in our bible (to my knowledge). 

There is mental illness. Sometimes demonic activity is passed off as mental illness, while other times mental illness is misdiagnosed and there really IS demonic activity going on. 

Now we are back to square one 

seek God 

Every case is different. 

ASK HIM What they need! 

if you are feeling suicidal, God always wants to rescue you 

If someone you love did it, it is not your fault. 

I’ve seen God Rescue people from many things (Including this terrible temptaion) so I know it can happen. 

#5 I refuse to put God in a box. 

Jesus is the answer 

and the answer (Pretty much always) will be just a bit different.

Grace to Grow