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How God solved a fight with a solar garden! by Laura Grace


Being real here; ‘The solar light garden” and how it came to be Well, I hope this helps or encourages someone out there.

I’m not just showing off my tiny landscaping project, as there are much better ones out there. But what is significant about this one is, it was born in the midst of a quarrel about “Lights.” I love lights! Christmas lights, all kinds of lights! so when Solar lights came out I was like wow those are COOL!

I got some, lined them along the sidwalk. Tim has a riding mower now (exciting for him) he has to pull them all up for the mower to go over the sidewalk AND pick up sticks and branches and rocks. So he was not too keen on the lights along the sidwalk last year.

I thought well he’s right and put three by my deck this year and he decided to mow close to he pulled those up too (my lights) breaking one! OH LORD I was so upset about this!

He isn’t into my lights I’m not into his mower woes! HA All kinds of things went through my head. “UNFAIR” My mind screamed I do all kinds of inconvenient things for YOU! (Love me love my lights!)

ha ha ha

Oh My What a big battle can arise in our minds from tiny things!

So I prayed “Lord please help me not be so upset how do I solve this?” I came in the house “let’s make a solar garden!” With Bricks around it! So we did. Tim dug up all the grass and did the actual landscaping. See, he does love me!

🙂 aint’ it grand? Every day stuff God helps us with! Love it! -Laura Grace Speaker, Author, Writer……..every day person like you!

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