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WHAT DO I DO? Different Kinds of Faith

owfaith in GOdSo We know the scripture! “THE just shall live by Faith” and all the stuff we’ve heard. sounds pretty lofty doesn’t it? I’m sorry but we can’t possibly cover all the examples of faith in one little meme’ or passage or even a blog! The various ways a person can HAVE FAITH (Just Have Faith) Is as endless as the types of jobs in the world or even dare I say (brands of cereal?). 

One put mud in his eye (In the Bible) by the way that’s where the saying came from “Here’s mud in your eye!” (a Reference to a bible story!) One did this another did that and one lady touched Jesus and another cut a hole in a guy’s roof! IN NONE OF THESE CASES did Jesus run around saying “who can I heal today or who do I WANT TO HEAL?” Tell me where he just randomly chose okay “You, you and you” I will heal and “you you and you” I will not heal. Didn’t happen. 

WE have something to do with the outcome. IF you are seeking him and he says go to the doc go..if he says put mud in your eye well, I would do it! would you? I am NOT afraid to do what the world considers crazy to get a miracle. I Am NOT Missing out! 

How about you? 

Think about that for a minute. READ your bible you’ll be amazed (and forever changed) and read it like a person who Expects to understand it BY FAITH!!!! that’s the biggest thing I’ve done by Faith in my life time. I read my bible expecting the HOLY SPIRIT To help me understand it. No I don’t care what the pope said, or what he said or she said or they said. NOPE sure don’t! The Holy Spirit is my teacher (John 14, 15, 16) there are severeal references to this I AM accountable to HIM. I have FAITH he will correct me! I have FAITH he will guide me! and guess what? HE DOES!!! This lonely ol’ girl from MT of whom if you don’t accept my testimony that’s fine. God Made it! HE WILL DEFEND IT! 

amen Laura Grace Author, speaker, minister in training and in internship with Jesus.  Love ya! MWAA! 🙂 now grow grow grow! 

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