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2018 A Happy New Year Poem……


“2018” a Poem by Laura Grace:

To all the disappointments …..
who plague me every year….

You have got to go…….
as blessings will appear.

to all the heartaches trials and woes…
I bid you now goodbye…..

you came to pass, you cannot last….
and your forebodings are a lie.

the sun is always brighter 
And chases the dark away……

The sorrow can never last 
When it sees the light of day

I’ll look for good, and I believe 
That good will always come.

For this is life, abundant life 
Found only in God’s Son.

From abundance in my heart
His word will speak good things

And what we speak, we’ll harvest
As all of heaven sings…..

by Laura Grace Dec 2017

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