Yes, you Can! By Laura Grace


You can! Yes you can! By Laura Grace

Christians…I know there are days you don’t feel like it but….you are anointed apointed, chosen and blessed. Strong couragous you can pass that test! That devil can’t win he IS defeated.

I’ll tell you again if it needs repeated! And how you Feel is not HOW IT IS ….You once were back there but now “You are His!”

yes you can, yes you can, you can do the right thing. Lift your hands in the air and say “Father you bring” “all good things that I’m needing from you..JOY Peace and righeouness too!!

Yes you can yes you can (He sees you right now) Lift your hands in the air and say “I don’t know how” but you’re gonna take care of me you’ve Got this dear Lord! I”ve decided today I will STAND ON YOUR WORD” …….

by Laura Grace Dec 25 2017

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