A Prayer for Unity

Good Morning! As long as I live, I will never forget the time I saw three churches
having an “Easter” Service together (back in 2002) and I knew they were all three
different denominations. It blew me away! All I could think was ‘this is how Jesus 
meant it to be.” It made me want to live in that town, and see this great sight once 
again! What a beautiful thing when the people of God lay aside their differences 
for the sake of just giving God the glory.
“I thank you Father that Jesus’ prayer for unity in the Body of Christ “will be answered” by you! Whatever needs to happen for this to take place, I do praise you that we can lay aside our own agenda’s and allow you to cut off any unnecessary strife over trivial matters. Let the name of your Son Jesus be glorified Father, forever and ever! Amen”  
-Laura Grace

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