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How Ministers feel sometimes (The question and answer committees)


It’s not that I don’t appreciate your help, and it’s not that I am snobby, or too spiritual, okay? It’s just that I am sitting here with a real big problem (that I don’t know how to solve) and am already battling in the spirit (With God’s help, of course) to fight off fear, worries, concerns, insecurities, and a myraid of other things. The last thing I need right now, is more stuff to worry about! 

One thing ministers do not often talk about (and likely battle alone, or with the help of a few mature commrades) is what I’ll call the “questions and suggestions” trial- that seems to happen every time they ask for prayer. 

Example: “Let’s pray for healing for_______” We pray. Person #1 approaches me and tells me how Aunt Hazel solved the very same problem. “Thank you,” I say. Person #2 tells me “Well you know they are backslid and haven’t been to church in awhile.” (I take note of it and smile). Person #3 tells me what healing video I should be watching (to help my faith) Person #4 Tells me about 3 others that need prayer for healing, Person #5 asks me if they have been to the doctor.

“Well, no I say, they don’t have insurance!” This leads to a big long conversation about help that is out there, which leads to me explaining why this person can’t get that particular help…….soon My mind is so clogged I forgot what the Lord just said to me about believing for their healing……..

Questions and suggestions and, not a single one of them asked GOD before they spoke ….. 

  Nope, they just said the first thing that popped into their brain. (Like Peter). 

So now I start to just ignore it all (and pray, and look to be so spiritual I am no earthly good!) It’s not lack of appreciation, but sometimes, we just don’t have time for it.

There are as many experiences as there are people (almost) and while some can be categorized, boxed up, and filed under “Help with______,” I have noticed the more possible answers I find (for any problem) the more stressed and confused I get! 

The truth is, our Jesus knew there was an answer from God for every situation he faced.  For any question I have there is one answer (God’s), as far as I’m concerned. 

            This is not my first rodeo. I have much experience with God, and how to find his answers for my life. I’ve had to do it many many times. 

Did you ever notice how Jesus went off to pray when the multitudes swarmed him? In Luke 5 this very thing happened!  What was he doing? 

Jesus was asking the Father for his wisdom (and timing) on how to handle every situation. He literally said ‘his food” was to do the will of the Father in Heaven. (John 4:34). 

So for ministers (and I can only speak for myself) if we are seeking God on what to do next, would you want it any other way? Why all the suggestions then? What about all this “natural help” You are (trying to give us?). Far better to say “I am praying God directs your paths.” Or “I am praying the wisdom of God permeats your very being,” or how about “I will ask the Father in heaven to reveal his plans for your life.”. 

When Peter told Jesus he didn’t have to go to the cross and Jesus said “Get behind me satan!” Here is the other part Jesus said:

“for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”

 (Matthew 16:23) Can you imagine how Peter felt? ‘Get behind me satan!” Wow! He must have been a bit shaken I think? Jesus had just commended him for his big revelation and now he’s telling Peter he is an OFFENSE to him. Peter was just showing concern, trying to help Jesus out, wasn’t he? He just cared! Why did the Lord just say; ‘get behind me satan!”

I have to wonder if this shaking had anything to do with his denial 3 times when Jesus actually did go to the cross. Was Peter thinking; “Fine, he thinks I act like the devil anyhow so, why should I stick it out?” 

I don’t know what Peter was thinking, but I do know Jesus was the ultimate “Minister Example” For us all to follow. He was a Prophet, Teacher, Apostle, Pastor and Evangelist all rolled into one. A Good Minister wishes to follow his example. 

                                 His Example often appeared to be very rude. 

Seeking God’s council may lead to misunderstandings, such as the one that seemed to happen with Jesus and his chosen Apostle, Peter. I’ve never called anyone ‘satan’ but I have avoided a lot of obstacles from the “many questions and answers” committee.  For you see, I have to! 

We Cannot afford to (as Ministers) walk the path of “everyone else” and what “everyone else” would have done about the situation. To get God results, we need to hear “God’s answers’ to whatever the question may be. Would you have it any other way? No, we are not snobs. Yes we do care. No we are not rejecting you we are just rejecting the rudiments of this world for the cause of Christ. And, we do love you! 

His Peculiar Servant, Laura Grace 




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