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Exposing Religious lies part 1 “Learning the Good way” Reaping and sowing …..

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Exposing Religious lies Part 1: Learning the good way not the hard way By Laura Grace
So often in religion, we hear things when we do something bad such as “You know, you reap what you sow!” And they shake their hairy finger at you (supposedly conviction!).
Yet, in the same circles, if we give something and say I’m praying to reap a harvest those same persons will say “You shouldn’t give to get!” Oh My! Talk about a GOOD NEWS crowd Eh? (NOT!) 😮😂
I remember in the 90’s I was studying with Copeland and some other supposedly “bad” prosperity teachers and he said “God wants you to pray over your seed!”
I knew someone who needed a microwave so I gave my ONLY ONE Away and prayed “thank you that I sow a microwave Father and i reap a microwave because seeds produce after their kind!” within 6 months I had three microwaves given to me! 😮I also gave away a car and prayed “someday when I need one let me reap a car!”
That happened too, although the religious crowd wanted to claim it was because I tithed. I remember my prayer!
Last year in February 2017 God asked me to give 100.00 and I didn’t have it to give. The person I gave it to said “100 people will bless you 100 ways with 100 dollars”
I said Oh good Father thank you I receive it! since then it’s happened 10 times in various ways (not always cash) but one was 100.00 bottle of oil (THANKS JESUS) So …..
Why would you pray over your farm crops and not the seeds of what you give? (Asking God to water it, make it grow?)
i just don’t understand religious ways I guess. God is good! and his gospel is always GOOD NEWS! And by giving us good things he teaches us to learn “THE GOOD WAY”
amen (Laura Grace)

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