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Exposing Religious Lies part 2


God loves you just as much as he always has. When things go wrong it’s not God doing it. Storms, floods, trials …none of it is an ‘act of God.”

Remember that in the Old Testament everything was under a shadow; and even THEY (the ones who recorded what happened) did not see the whole picture.

What I get out of the story of Job-is not God letting satan loose on people, it’s that Job saw his enemy was the devil- and not God. Satan accused Job- and Job did not have Jesus for his defense attorney as Jesus had not arrived

(YET!). This is why Jesus told his disciples “Blessed are you to hear what you hear” 

and talked about others who wanted to see and hear what they had (but did not!). 

So while Job is a great example of Faith- he is not an example of New Testament living! We need to remember that. 

Job didn’t have Ephesians 6 -and the teachings on standing up in the Authority of God with your Armour on. WE DO ……..

Galatians 3 and 4. – Laura Grace

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