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God’s Judgement: what I learned from a silly kids’ video (and never forgot)


Judgement (and God’s wrath?) I feel like I need to share this, for some odd reason so here goes: Before I came to Jesus, I thought God was punishing me for all my sins. Nothing was going right, and I mean nothing.

I had this moment where I realized how I’d pushed him away, and said in my heart “I’ll get back to you when I’m old, if you are really there” because really I saw God as a big fun-killler who was out to wreck all our fun.

To me, he was just an ogre who demanded we sit still in church and pretend to love him, even if we did not feel his love for ourselves, and while I knew he probably existed (Nature told me that) I didn’t believe he cared personally for me, at all.

After I finally gave my life to him (because I had messed it up so bad, and NOTHING was going right in my life) I had this period of time where I thought “His Judgement” had caused many bad things to happen to me.

Then I saw this kids’ movie, where humpty dumpty was talking to a dragon while sitting on this wall, and the dragon convinced him to lean over to the other side and he FELL into the kingdom of darkness. There, he was unprotected. in this “Kids’ movie” Humpy dumpty cried out to Jesus and was put back on the good side of the wall (which represented God’s kingdom) and God restored him and put him back together again.

As long as I live, I will never forget that movie. it was full of truth and Grace, just like Jesus is. Nobody gave me a list of scipture 10 miles long “a child” could understand the concept of this movie. Keep it simple! God can use such simple things to get his heart across to us. That day, he used a simple corny kids movie to set me straight about his heart towards us….

And I haven’t been the same since   Love to you all! Laura Grace 

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