The Secret Place, and the King of my Heart

The Secret Place (Psalm 91) is your refuge in Him! it reminds me of the sacred intimacy between a husband and wife. There are certain times it should only be “You and Your Lord.”

I remember when I first fell in Love with Jesus, and finally gave him my heart. I had no interest in joining some “church club” as i was having a lot more fun at the bar (at the time).

Jesus woo’ed me and caused me to fall in love wtih HIM! Nothing gets between me and Jesus.

Nobody can take his place in my heart.

And nobody ever should!

He is #1 and that’s the way it should be.

I love doing things for people, serving in Jesus’ name, and all of that-but activity should never replace intimacy with Jesus.

After all, if you lose your connection with him, what Good can we possibly do for others?

John 15 “I am the vine, you are the branches, apart from me, you can do nothing” (words of Jesus).The Lord is your refuge! 
(and your secret place).

He is the King of My Heart….and I will never apologize for this.

Laura Gracehttp://amazon.com/author/lauragrace

4 thoughts on “The Secret Place, and the King of my Heart

  1. aww….thank you Angelina! and thank you Lord! I Promised him long ago I would do it even if for only one person…..although I know there is more. you are such a blessing! 🙂


  2. I was startled at how closely related my last two messages are and this blog. Identical titles, even the imagery with the guy on the bench. The Holy Spirit is getting a message out for certain! Or I stole it from you (but I didn’t… I promise!). Great blog, loved it!

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