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The words (of Jesus) “Let not your heart be troubled” are still valid today. (John 14:27)

Did he ask us to have troubled hearts over this disease or the supposed government conspiricies that go with it? Did he ask us to worry and be all worked up? No, Again!

Why Have Peace? Even 911 operators are expected to stay calm! Why? Because if you are upset along with everyone else, you cannot help anyone (for starters) and in fact, you might even cause more harm! Peace does not mean to not take action!

The Peace of God works with his wisdom, his righteousness and everything else that is of God! All of his attributes are in agreement! So, be at rest, be at Peace, be in His Wisdom…

Anger, Fear and all these things of the flesh will not help you make wise decisions in God! Get rid of those things (praying for his help) and you will fare better in being led by God’s spirit. -Laura Grace

3 thoughts on “Peace!

  1. So true! Peace is golden
    And the unpeace can cause us so much turmoil. To stay in peace I usually play worship music and read the bible more. Thank you for writing this beautiful piece. Peace 💟

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  2. Peace is a Kingdom blessing! Whether by music, prayer fellowship or however God brings his Peace I see it as a Kingdom blessing1 It reminds me of the Secret Place of the Most high! it’s a place we can live even though things seem turbulent all around us! I love that song “stay” by Jeremy Camp “You can live so far from this” He says ‘Stay, right here in the light”……powerful song!


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