Letters to My Children

an excerp from the new book I am writing.

My Dear Children,

     I want to start with a passage from 1 John that means a lot to me: 

“I am writing to you, fathers, because you know Him who is from the beginning. I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one. I have written to you, children, because you know the Father.” 

      Here lately, I have had just about enough of the opinions of men. 

    The year is 2021, and it seems like there is an all-out war going on and it all has to do with peoples’ opinions. Whether it has to do with social injustice, who should be president, whether to mask or not mask (or get vaccinated). 

     It started quite some time ago and snowballed from there. 

     I can remember when I was young, seatbelts became law, car seats for children, and then you did not see any more metal slides in the parks, (too dangerous). 

     The list goes on and on, but the truth is: Children and adults are still finding new ways to potentially injure themselves. The laws cannot keep up. 

     I think God is okay with having different points of view. 

     Imagine a world where someone decides purple is the perfect color, so everyone is required to paint the house purple. Every kitchen must be orange, every bathroom must be pink. None of us would like that, would we?

     In the book of Acts, the disciples got together and decided to reduce the laws down to three things. “Don’t eat food sacrificed to idols, don’t eat anything strangled, and keep yourselves from sexual immorality.” (Acts 15:20). 

    They said this was good, as they did not want to cause trouble with the Gentiles turning to God. See, Jesus had made a big impression on them all by standing up to the Pharisees. He talked about their many laws and how hypocritical it all was, as they did not keep all those laws themselves. 

     He called them hypocrites, and said they pile burdens on people they are not willing to help them bear. 

     There is a fine line between authority and control. Nobody knows if they will abuse power until they are given that power. In my own life, I have deleted people from social media and other places, simply because they did not agree with me.

     That behavior is childish, selfish, and not God-Like, but I did not get convicted until after I’d already done it. I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me, “Is that how you would like to be treated?”

     In My perfect world, nobody would be grumpy, everyone would laugh at my jokes, and think everything I said was perfectly wonderful. I do not like being around drunk people, so I would probably outlaw drinking. 

    I do not like the color, orange, so if I were King (and had no discipline) I might be tempted to outlaw that color, so I never have to look at that color again. 

    Unfair, you say? There are people I know who like “off-color” jokes and I do not enjoy them. I do not care for a lot of cussing, sarcasm, or humor that puts others down.

    Still, if I made a law against all of it, would that be truly fair? 

     God spelled out his laws in the bible, but all it did was show people they could not keep them all. They needed a savior because they could never keep all those laws. 

     Now back to opinions. An opinion is what we consider to be right or wrong. 

    God tells us to be right with him, we need to first accept we are saved by Grace, and then we begin to learn from him how to walk out of our sins and walk into his ways.

     I think most everyone would like to be “the sin police” and go around pointing out who is sinning or not sinning. Our human nature is to judge, be prideful, and especially prideful when we have achieved certain things by our own blood, sweat and tears. 

     Nevertheless, in this passage in 1 John it starts out saying, “If you cannot love your brother who you can see, and claim to love God, you are a liar.”

     When I became born-again the first thing that happened to me is I loved other people of God. My heart was changed.

     I do not believe this passage means your brother in the natural or just any person we meet. When you are born again, you love other people who are born-again and of God. 

     Why am I saying all this? I think because our opinion should be this: “I Love you.” If we do not agree, it is okay. 

     Anything else is from the evil one. He is the one that is causing all this division. 

With Love, Mom 

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