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How to Guard your Heart by Laura Grace

gate heart Be a Gate Keeper! Guard the Soul 

I think there are a lot of Christians out there, like me, who truly do not know how to guard their heart. First and fore most we must give more weight to the voice of the Shepherd than anyone else.

We don’t need pretty lies of exaggerating how wonderful we are, and we don’t need Input from amateur counselors or the peanut factories. We certainly don’t need help allowing unbelief! 

Because we are “word of God” people, we think if we can’t rebuke it, cast it out or get it gone via spiritual warfare, we are failing somehow. Not true.

Some people just ‘are what they are” and we must learn how to deal with it!

  1. Step number one we need to keep learning and meditating on who we are to Jesus. that knowledge must become so real to us, nobody can talk us out of it. If the voice of someone else’s opinion of us screams louder than what God says, we must reinforce what he says about us until it’s more real than anything else. 
  1. In keeping with that train of thought, the accuser of the brethren (the devil) is always going to try to remind you of your past. That’s his job. He is evil. He isn’t going to stop so you must learn to overcome him with YOUR TESTIMONY. You speak it to him: “I am saved, God’s child, I’ve been forgiven of that” and if the person who is allowing the enemy to “USE THEM” to accuse you keeps it up, start to ignore it. It’s the best defense you have. IGNORE IT. You can’t argue with demons.


You can’t cast them out of someone who wants to stay that way. No, they may not be demon-possessed- they just listen to his lies and it’s become a part of them, like WEEDS. You cannot go into someone else’s garden and start yanking weeds out. You are trespassing! You are going to have to ignore it and tend to your own garden. Not what you want to hear, but true. Change the subject, dodge the questions, or say “I don’t want to talk about that right now.”


  1. Do not ask for counsel from those who have no clue what you are talking about, or what you have been through. I don’t care what their credentials are or how much they “seem” to care. Ask God who you should talk to about something. SEEK HIM FIRST! He is your Shepherd, your counselor and your friend, and he is always listening. 
  1. You live in the world, so best to get started learning how to cope with things. Go to a rest room or go outside and pray. I’ve done this over the years, went to my car. Prayed, or even went to a restroom, prayed in whispers asking God for help, wisdom and guidance. I assume everything I go through he is RIGHT THERE WITH ME because he said he would be.


  1. Family can be the hardest, because they knew you before you knew Jesus. Family has expectations that often feel like obligations. If we are a good sister, daughter, mom or son we will do this or that supposedly. Jesus told his own mom he was going about the Father’s business, but another time he did change water to wine because she asked him to do something about the situation. There are no pat answers, we must learn to say; “I am praying” I am “seeking God” and let everyone know (including your family) you are on a mission to do God’s will. We are not born “being like Jesus’ It’s something we are walking out.


  1. Whatever weapons you know of right now (with God) use them, he will add to your skills as you use what he gave you. I started out a Lutheran Just ‘praying the Lord’s prayer” and now I know all kinds of spiritual warfare tactics. God is not in a hurry. You are in a school called life and he is willing to walk with you as your Father and help you to grow.


  1. Learn from your experiences, write them down. Use a Journal use the computer and ask God to teach you in EACH situation how to handle it better next time. I have noticed things I run from I will usually face again, so best to learn to overcome it.


  1. Give that other person the benefit of the doubt, whenever you can. Did they mean to hurt you or were they hurting themselves, distracted, or just clueless? We need to ask God “Why is this happening? Or “what do you want me to learn from this?”

There are some people who are just plain bullies, but what about the mandate to love them?Do we keep taking the hurt?

If I tell someone something wounds my soul and they keep doing it anyway, I am probably going to pull away from that person.  When you go, say a prayer and give it to Jesus. Be willing to be reconciled later, if that’s what he wants you to do. 

WHEN we guard our heart it’s not just against people. WE protect our heart from becoming bitter, angry, full of self-pity, and a host of other things the devil sends at us. There is no end to the things he will try, to destroy our very hearts. Do you know why?

BECAUSE my friends, that’s where the word of God gets planted and takes root. It’s where he speaks to us. It’s where rivers of life flow out of us!

Satan would rather take you out than take out a church building. If he can take you out, he has stopped the flow of God’s spirit to hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people due to the ripple effect. (you touch a life, they touch a life, and so on and so on and so on).  Some people gaurd a church building more zealously than they protect their own hearts from the evil one. It’s a full time job! 


 Guard your heart! It’s where your inheritance lies. It’s worth fighting for.


Laura Grace, Author, Grace to Grow Click here to Buy:



Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. Prov 4:23

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On Feeling or being Bullied ……..


1.a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.
I’ve seen my share of bullying, in my time.  Bullying is intimidation, and bullies like to harass people in the dark corners, where there are no witnesses, and no place to hide. 
For me, it started in school, with getting teased over the type of shoes I wore. One time, I had 6th grade girls surround me, and tease me relentlessly about my pants. They were all in agreement. A big group of girl bullies, intent on making me feel like an outcast.
“Where’d ya get the pants Laura?” And they laughed, snickered, shunned me. I never wore those pants again.
Later, I got bullied about food stamps. I’ve been bullied by drug users who harassed me about being too straight. One time on a school bus, I was tormented about my hair, the entire 10 miles to school. I started riding my bike after that, (ten miles a day!) Just to avoid the bullies.
In the USAF, I was harassed down south, for being friends with a black sergeant, who was also a minister. They accused me of becoming like him, so I went out and got my hair done ‘Afro style’ and said, yes I am becoming like him! I was tired of the endless harassment for not fitting in or being the way “society” said I should be.
The endless harassment over my clothes (all through school) Led to me not caring what people think about my clothes. I didn’t get compensation, or special favors at the bank, or hiring preference, or anything like that, as a result of my bullying. I simply learned, not to care what these cheese heads think, about me!
So now, if anyone tells me I’m out of style? I am unaffected! I wear what I want to wear, and I fix my hair the way I want to. It worked out for my good, somehow.
Both of my kids were bullied too, at one time or another and some was pretty severe.
I’m not sure we can stop the process of “elitism,” or the mean streak, that seems to arise in insecure persons, who have no boundaries, and want to call us names.
Shall we sentence them to a year of duct tape over their mouths? (Sigh) I don’t know the answer. All I know is, I learned a long time ago, to let it go in one ear and out the other.
What you THINK Of me does not make me “who I am.”
And the definition above is true. If we don’t see ourselves as weak or small, they cannot BULLY US any longer. The devil is the biggest bully of all.
We have assault laws in place already, and thou shalt not beat someone up for no reason. What Laws could possibly help, when bullies hide in the dark shadows, deny what they say, and even if we manage to shut them up, continue to slither around, looking for the next victim to harass!
What really gives bullies their power? 
Knowing you are afraid of them.
If we no longer are, we take away their power. 
Stand up. walk tall. Learn to be confident!
Bullies cannot get you, when you are not small or weak. 
Ecclesiastes 7:19 Wisdom strengthens the wise more than ten mighty men which are in the city.
-Laura Grace