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A loving word about religion vs relationship….

I have a facebook friend, her name is Kathy Mote. I’ve followed her writings for years now, as she posts what God puts on her heart to say. In her I see relationship, and not religion, and its’ obvious to me her relationship with God is flourishing!

I am sharing what she posted on Facebook today, because it really grabbed my heart when I read it. My thought was, “What a loving way to address the subject of relationship over religion.” This is my heart and what I write about it my books, that relationship is everything! Particularily in my book “Grace to Grow.”

I’m trusting you will enjoy Kathy’s Post, and be truly blessed. -Laura

For days I have been heavy of heart, hearing a heavy message from our Father. I awake each morning dreading the release of this message, but as I surrender, He makes my heart right with Him. He said that in the absence of His very real presence, our thinking has too low of a ceiling. I am paraphrasing. He said you can’t tell people that, because they think they have Him right where they want Him in their religious thinking and they are comfortable with this.

The way we view the Bible in our carnal minds is superstitious. There is no power without Him. We see our natural environment as all there is, but He is the power that drives it. In short, our natural thinking and perspective is backwards and limited, fractured and fragmented but He is seamlessly powerful. His desire to bring us up gently and into His arms without signs and wonders and the knowledge of all things is also obvious. He greatly desires for our hearts to trust in Him.”

by Kathy Mote

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Leadership is…………

Leadership is

Speaking of Growing……….

I got asked to lead the entire music program over 2 years ago, for our local school. They had no music teacher, so I was elected. I dropped to my knees in prayer, felt like I was facing a giant. “How do I do this Lord?” I inquired of him. is this you? (I said) and can I do this? He assured me i could. I was so scared! Truly, the word petrified comes to mind.

I am not the born-leader type, not a type A personality, nada. But I have read the words, “Let the weak say I am strong.” I know God qualifies the unqualified. 

I’ll never forget that first day, kids came piling into my room, and there I was, “the teacher.” I had some experience with leading worship but, that’s about it. As their music teacher, their entire success seemed to depend on me. It was scary!

The high school kids told me they “were really bad singers” and they’d been embarrassed at some event they’d had the prior year.  When I asked them what they knew they said “Not much, we’re pretty bad.” 

It was at that moment, the desire formed in me to Help them succeed! The need in front of me seemed to bring out “the gifts within me.”

I sure did pray for their success (and mine). In My heart, I know God guided me to help them succeed, and part of it involved discipline.

They didn’t like the discipline, my insistence they pay attention, not let them just skate by (and treat music class like an easy A). I made them sing the songs over and over and over again. “I think we got it now,” they would say, and I would say “You’re going to do it again’. I had them do stuff that seemed silly or even beneath them, (at the time) but soon they were singing togehter like champions. 

Needless to say, they had a successful concert (2 of them) everyone loved it, and I know they felt proud of themselves when it was all over.

Just like young David and his 5 stones, God unfolded to me a plan for each group of children (K-12). It was amazing! Had I not stepped into the water with courage, I never would have witnessed what God can do, (through me.). It was incredible! 

Nobody likes discipline (at the time) we all want that easy walk from point A to point B but……..Hang in there! Discipline helps us become all we were meant to be. It’s a part of growing, (and a very necessary ingredient).

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Me with the Kids 2016

-Laura Grace, author, Grace to Grow 

Hebrews 12:11 “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” #discipline #Goddisciplines#disciplinetodisciple