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How to survive the storm….and the great falling away……by Laura Grace

STORMS GATHERStorms. They are coming. And they happen. We wish they wouldn’t, we pray they don’t, however, they do happen. Mankind has always picked up on the idea that “ANGER” and the fury of mankind, is just like a storm.  I didn’t think up the idea, neither did you!

I’m going to be crystal clear, here. We fall if the house is built on sand. Sand is not something rock solid, or concrete. It shifts, when the storms come (in the natural and spiritually speaking.) So your beliefs, if they are based on emotional “FEEL GOOD” stuff, is like sand.

I was once so liberal, that I believed every person who was a drug addict, criminal, or whatever else, must have become that way because of their past environment. Some ridiculous person who DID NOT HAVE TRUTH wrote books I read, telling me I could not have discernment, God only issues it to certain “SPECIAL PEOPLE”.

Therefore, I thought I was doomed to a life of being half blind, having to be led by the hand by some minister, who may or may not be available, when I really need them. I wrote books because My heart is YOU GET IN THERE and YOU CAN HEAR FROM GOD! I have no personal agenda, no deal such as “you have to buy my book” to get this or, you have to hear from me, or you have to partner with me to stay blessed. I know for a fact whether I like what is coming or NOT in this world, I am ready. I know My life is not built on sand anymore. I cherish my friends, but I don’t need them to survive.

I know this sounds terrible but, we do need to know we’d make it, with or without our crutches props and sand castles. Go ahead, have fun and build a sand castle, but I would not stake my life on it holding you in God’s peace. YES I believe in the word of God. I do. But helping someone who needs help and not asking for Wisdom First (from GOD) Is just that, not wisdom! Assuming, presuming, thinking we KNOW what God meant instead of investigating and seeking him? Also, not wise. Generic ideals of what Christianity is? Not Wise also! I Hope I have given you enough clues to help…….

God does not wish for us to be ignorant, assuming, duped all the time, deceived and half-buried, or running around like chickens with our heads cut off! We assume we know who we should vote for, ram that down everyone’s throat instead of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, URGING EACH OTHER To build on the ROCK of his WORD! If you want to build sand castles, stick your head in the sand, and not get rock solid about anything because “it’s too much work” or you can’t be bothered, God will let you do that too. Scary isn’t it?

Responsibility comes to mind. Personal Responsibility between us and God, that we should not neglect, so Great a Salvation! And our Salvation is ongoing, not just a one time thing of going to the altar and giving your heart to Jesus. so This is what you do, stop praying for THINGS and pray for Revelation. Stop asking for Comfy Cozy, and ask God to tell you the hard truth (which you need to know for your own life personally)

Do it today! Don’t delay! And a good preacher of the gospel will preach this very thing to you, not some other agenda. If you don’t have one, find one! Exhort each other daily!

(to continue to Grow) I’ll be gone for awhile so, I encourage you to press on! With Love!

Laura Grace, Author, Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow, Grace to soar. Oh Book of Matthew, “GREAT WAS THE FALL” Of the house built on sand- (feelings, emotions, not concrete truth or revelation from God!)  Sand shifts, is unstable, Can’t stand the test.





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