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Con Artists & Church….Stuff nobody wants to talk about ……

It happens. If I were to tell you every story I have personally seen or heard where people fake being a christian, take advantage of the church (time and time again) with no remorse or repentance (or willingness to change) You’d be appalled.

I have been faced with a plethora of reactions when I say “Hey “There are con Artists” Watch out! Some say well You have to love ALL the time turn the other cheek……

“Well that’s not our business,” They say, “We just have to love, and be kind like Jesus said or did.” Really? He let the people sitting at his feet listening to him go hungry for three days (was it a fast?) He told a woman asking for healing for her daughter the children’s bread was not for dogs! There is no record of Jesus gathering his disciples together and saying “Come on boys, we’re going to hand out free meals today to everyone in the leper colony!”

I had a woman tell me (recently) that she tried to help someone (got burned) and after she’d helped this person ranted at her (she didn’t help enough apparently) and I have also experienced this myself.

When I was a property manager, I remember a couple who got the church to pay their deposit and rent, and moved in. They didn’t have a very good back ground check but hey, the church was helping, so we overlooked it in the interest of good will and charity. After all isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Love our neighbors? Jesus indicated brethren first and be wise (as serpents) but somehow that goes unheard by many as our examples of great humanitarians loom before us as “the great example” of how we should be.

This couple moved in, wrecked the place, made a mess that would make your hair curl, soiled carpet, ruined floors, stains, grease debris that cost the owner literally thousands to repair. They moved out owing two months rent, as it was never paid, and their promise to pay was not kept.

I’ve met people who say “Just go to the church for help,” there is a network of people who do this, and go from town to town, place to place, leaving damage, debris and sorrow in their wake. The people who get burned often feel God let them down somehow, or they just decide never to help anyone again and develop a ‘no trust” standard.

This is so sad (to me). Do we really need these extremes? Help everyone or help no one?

I know it’s hard to decide if someone is “worthy of help.” After all we do have the example of Jesus saying “Judge not” and there is this nugget:

“To him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer the other also. And from him who takes away your cloak, do not withhold your tunic either. ” Luke 6:29

But see you have to LOOK hard at the whole picture here. Verse And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise. Verse 31 of this same passage says:

“And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.” 

Do you want God to just let you be a con artist? Hurting everyone as you go? Leaving a trail of destruction in your wake? Certainly the disciples were not like this. I want God’s correction don’t you? SO see the whole counsel of God is not to just let someone rape you financially and take all your goods over and over again. And sit and cry and say “God did this to me.” I was Just obeying his word!

I don’t have time to tell you all the passages about being wise (in proverbs) It saddens me that people who don’t study the bible allow leaders (who are setting some bad examples by the way) direct their paths, (instead of learning from the Holy spirit for themselves).

I too followed their examples at one time. I gave and gave and thought “Well God would reward me” and grieved the heart of God in the process. He wept for me. Every time he tried to bless me, I thought I had to give it all away. I allowed con artists to (literally) steal from me, thinking it was God’s will. If you are a person LIKE the disciples Jesus was talking to YOU WANT Corrected. Right? (if you are being a con artist?)

Don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade Or get discernment! You won’t be less in the Kingdom of God you’ll be MORE. More able to help those God wants to help…..

Less foolish and less fooled..Not deceived! Til next time; -Laura Grace

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“It’s not all about you!” What to say to some who never seem to get enough (attention) or whatever else ……..

Ever had one of those days? Someone you are trying to help (or encourage) just never seems to get enough? Reminds you of kids (at times). I compared it to geese (so long ago) as I was feeding some geese, and as I ran out of bread, (which I now understand you should not feed them bread) but in any case they surrounded me, got closer and closer, and one even tried to bite my face!

RESCUE POSTER call for help

The bible compares a fool and his folly, to being met by a bear robbed of her cubs. 

Proverbs 17:12 Let a bear robbed of her whelps meet a man, rather than a fool in his folly.”  
MAYBE THE BEST THING is to say nothing at all. 
Honestly, a person who will not listen to reason, who does not care what God (or anybody else) thinks, Who has decided they are wise or right in their own opinion, My bible says also “there is more hope for a fool, than for him.” 
This is not a person you should be taking advice from, or following. It’s not a person who should be in charge of you, or one you should even submit to. Even Abigail (in the bible) though she did it in a reverent way, went to meet King David and obey God, even though her husband was foolish, and was going to bring trouble upon the whole family. King David was so impressed, he married the woman.
Proverbs 26:12 “Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope for a fool than for him.”
It’s a snare to be caught in the snare of a fool’s words or a fool’s folly.  Consider these words from Jesus who WAS before Proverbs was even written: They are words penned by the Holy Spirit to God’s servant upon this earth: 
“Proverbs 6:5 Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, And like a bird from the hand of the fowler. “
You can be snared by words, or promises you should not have made.
Another passage of the bible says to free ourselves from vows, that should never have been made. See, we need to look at the whole (entire) bible not just the parts we want to read Or hear right now. The whole Bible. All of it.
Jesus IS His word! 
The more we know of his word, the better we will know him. The Better we know him, the better he knows us and has fellowship with us. 
                   So love? Yes! Being snared by those who don’t love God? NO! 
Did you see anyone allowed to take Jesus Down from who he was to please them or their folly? NO WAY No how! 
We should not do it either. Father God please keep us in your wisdom! And Grace!
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Dark wisdom…..

  There are only ever two choices: one, to do God’s Will and two, to lean upon the darkened “wisdom” that comes from one’s “own” understanding. The latter leads to failure, unhappiness, worry, anxiety, fear, humiliation, disgrace, shame, un-acceptance and disapproval; while the former leads to love, true happiness and contentment, satisfaction, peace, understanding, courage, strength, purity, righteousness, divine acceptance and divine approval.

….”Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight”…. Proverbs 3:5-6 NASB

-Minister Glenn Jackson

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Where no man has gone before…. Star Trek, and the dynamics of Kirk & Spock.

spock-and-mcoySpock and Mcoy.jpgI don’t know if you are too young to remember Spock and McCoy.  Even if you are chances are, you’re seen at least one old Star Trek Episode in your life time. 

We were watching the documentary about the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and I was surprised to learn how low budget the whole project was (which explains some of the strange looking props) and also that the show was cancelled, (at one time) and many presumed it was doomed to fail. Yet, 50 years later, the show (as old as it is) goes on. 

I was thinking why I liked the show so much, and this morning the constant bantering and even strife between Spock and McCoy came to mind. 

“You green blooded hobgoblin,” Dr. McCoy once said to Spock. Spock was unflappable. He would raise his eyebrow, and most of the time remind the doctor, (in a very calm manner) Just how illogical his emotions are. I admired McCoy for speaking his mind, I admired Spock for being so unflappable. I admired the Captain for being so Brave, for never giving up, and for always believing the ship would make it, somehow some way. 

Sure it’s just a show, just actors. But consistently, the teamwork and unity, and even yes, the obvious “Love” For each other the crew of The Enterprise displayed on this show, makes you wonder why some churches don’t watch it on Sunday morning and take some lessons from them. McCoy got upset at Spock for his seemingly not caring. Spock defied his emotional outbursts with pure logic. But you knew they loved each other. Anyone who watched the show for any length of time, just knew that. 

They had their rules and guidelines, which came down from the Federation, but if someone was in trouble (one of their beloved team mates) The rules were bent a little bit. It was understood this was necessary, as the life of their friend mattered more, in some cases, than the rules did. The rest of the time, they followed the rules. 

Spock and McCoy were hilarious! It was understood that The doctor has his passions, and I remember one time Spock Logically said “Your passions, doctor, may be your undoing.” However later, Spock (on more than one occasion) Demonstrates love by risking his life for the good doctor. Every character on this show was so obviously different, yet they worked as a team. Their concern and love for each other was obvious! And this is a television show! It all makes me think of the song

“They will know we are Christians by our love.” Do we ever stop to consider, People are watching us? Just like Star Trek, (which was cancelled, and at first was not popular) we are going places where no man has gone before. People are watching how we handle it. 

And if we are a team? SO much the better! Have a great day and remember “teamwork” is what gets the mission done, (or accomplished).   Laura Grace 

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How to survive the storm….and the great falling away……by Laura Grace

STORMS GATHERStorms. They are coming. And they happen. We wish they wouldn’t, we pray they don’t, however, they do happen. Mankind has always picked up on the idea that “ANGER” and the fury of mankind, is just like a storm.  I didn’t think up the idea, neither did you!

I’m going to be crystal clear, here. We fall if the house is built on sand. Sand is not something rock solid, or concrete. It shifts, when the storms come (in the natural and spiritually speaking.) So your beliefs, if they are based on emotional “FEEL GOOD” stuff, is like sand.

I was once so liberal, that I believed every person who was a drug addict, criminal, or whatever else, must have become that way because of their past environment. Some ridiculous person who DID NOT HAVE TRUTH wrote books I read, telling me I could not have discernment, God only issues it to certain “SPECIAL PEOPLE”.

Therefore, I thought I was doomed to a life of being half blind, having to be led by the hand by some minister, who may or may not be available, when I really need them. I wrote books because My heart is YOU GET IN THERE and YOU CAN HEAR FROM GOD! I have no personal agenda, no deal such as “you have to buy my book” to get this or, you have to hear from me, or you have to partner with me to stay blessed. I know for a fact whether I like what is coming or NOT in this world, I am ready. I know My life is not built on sand anymore. I cherish my friends, but I don’t need them to survive.

I know this sounds terrible but, we do need to know we’d make it, with or without our crutches props and sand castles. Go ahead, have fun and build a sand castle, but I would not stake my life on it holding you in God’s peace. YES I believe in the word of God. I do. But helping someone who needs help and not asking for Wisdom First (from GOD) Is just that, not wisdom! Assuming, presuming, thinking we KNOW what God meant instead of investigating and seeking him? Also, not wise. Generic ideals of what Christianity is? Not Wise also! I Hope I have given you enough clues to help…….

God does not wish for us to be ignorant, assuming, duped all the time, deceived and half-buried, or running around like chickens with our heads cut off! We assume we know who we should vote for, ram that down everyone’s throat instead of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, URGING EACH OTHER To build on the ROCK of his WORD! If you want to build sand castles, stick your head in the sand, and not get rock solid about anything because “it’s too much work” or you can’t be bothered, God will let you do that too. Scary isn’t it?

Responsibility comes to mind. Personal Responsibility between us and God, that we should not neglect, so Great a Salvation! And our Salvation is ongoing, not just a one time thing of going to the altar and giving your heart to Jesus. so This is what you do, stop praying for THINGS and pray for Revelation. Stop asking for Comfy Cozy, and ask God to tell you the hard truth (which you need to know for your own life personally)

Do it today! Don’t delay! And a good preacher of the gospel will preach this very thing to you, not some other agenda. If you don’t have one, find one! Exhort each other daily!

(to continue to Grow) I’ll be gone for awhile so, I encourage you to press on! With Love!

Laura Grace, Author, Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow, Grace to soar. Oh Book of Matthew, “GREAT WAS THE FALL” Of the house built on sand- (feelings, emotions, not concrete truth or revelation from God!)  Sand shifts, is unstable, Can’t stand the test.





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Coping with difficult people, and The Spirit of Love in the bible….OVER ALL! -by Laura grace

LOVE FOR ONE anOTHERSometimes I just pray and hope and yes, even wish, for the right words, to get across what’s in my spirit about God, His Laws and His love! So Father, give me the words, please in Jesus’ name…..Amen.

I am sharing here, my personal revelation, which is precious to me. Treasures of my Heart, given to me by God, because I was chosen to share certain things with his friends, and with his people, who long to know.

Now, with that said, I will also share, that I have had difficulties with people, many times! Have you? Of course you have! What we have to discern is this: Are they helpful? Are they of the body of Christ, or are they just curiosity seekers? Are they wolves?

There are types that are Religious (Pharisee like) who like to spy on people’s liberty, and try to trip them up, by pointing out the laws they are not keeping.

There are wolves (enemies) who pretend to be Christian, so they can devour, cause trouble, steal precious time and resources, and never become part of God’s family. They only cause trouble, and they are pretenders, who have no intention of ever changing.

Then, there are those infected with sin. For the Body of Christ, the sin we need to be concerned about, is the type that infects everyone, rather like a contagious disease would do, in our natural bodies. We don’t need to be jumpy about mistakes, freaking out or being in a big hurry to “cast out someone” Just because they do not agree with our ideals.

Now at any given time, our own bodies are doing 1000’s of things at one time. The muscle does it’s job, the nerves, the joints, the ligaments. They don’t have to consult each other, or agree, to know what their part is “within” the Body. For a person who understands walking in the spirit, it all just flows, just as a healthy Body “flows with the Head,” so does the Body of Christ “flow with the head” which Is Jesus Christ.

The last Category, Sheep and goats, is what we struggle with most, in the church. The Goat nature is much different than a sheep like nature. When I think of a Goat, almost the first picture I get in my mind, is how a goat will run up behind someone and “butt them” with their horns! Funny in a way,  but not so funny in real life. Jesus actually said the goats would not have a part, when the separation occurs. Now, I didn’t give you all the scripture, but everything I just said, is completely based on scripture.

What are we to do then? The way I see it, the bible spells out we love God first, Jesus is our Shepherd, The Holy Spirit is our teacher, so listening to him is the first priority. The second is loving the Brethren (Body of Christ) and caring for each other. Then outreach to others. If you are so into outreach to the masses you kick your brother in the head over it, I don’t see how that is biblical. “IF YOU GIVE” a cup of cold water to “these my brethren” Jesus said (KJV) which gets changed in other bible translations.

Giving “First” to the house hold of faith is another word we find in the new Testament.  We don’t let our own kids go hungry while we feed the neighbors! amen?

HOW WE DEAL with each situation is up to the Holy Spirit, because we still walk by the Spirit, no matter what the situation! amen! We walk by faith, even when dealing with people! Nothing changes.

Love for one another as described in the passage above, means to remind each other who we are, what we are doing, why we are here, and why we should press on! So I LOVE YOU!
that’s why I sent you this message! Truly, I do! Father, I have utmost confidence in you that you will get your Body (of people) together and cause us to be healthy and to flow with each other! Please help us identify the wolves, goats, Pharisees and infectious diseases of sin which need to be dealt with. Father I pray! give us ears to hear and eyes to see what your Spirit is saying to your People right now! I believe for this Father! with all my heart!

With love and affection for you all, and Amen

Laura Grace, author, Grace to Grow


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Demolishing Strongholds, without being a bull in a china closet!


It’s not what we are doing, so much, as the way we do it, that gets us in trouble.

You can stand up for Jesus, without being a bull in a china closet!

You know, a few years ago, I was working for this place, and had told my boss I am a Christian, and a prayer warrior, and I told her I was praying for her to prosper, and her business too.

She said, “That’s fine, but just so you know, I had someone like that one time, who asked if she could pray (for my business) and I found her and her friends in a circle, at 9 in the morning, praying out loud in the office.” She continued saying, I believe, but some of my customers don’t believe, and frankly, she was not doing a good thing, I told her to stop!”

So I went in early each day, prayed for her business (and for her) when nobody was around. I anointed things with oil, and me and the Lord made a lot of declarations over that place.

And guess what? ALOT OF supernatural stuff happened! It did! One prayer  I told her about was answered, 2 years later…….

1 Peter 2:12 talks about honorable conduct. 2 Timothy 2:25 talks about humility, and how we go about things. 1 Peter 2:20 talks about how if we are beaten (for our faults) It’s not really commendable.

Ecclesiastes talks about not being overly righteous, and ruining ourselves.

So then, we have Kim Davis, the famous icon, stander-upper for Jesus! In case you didn’t know, she refused to issue marriage licenses, and was commended by many, yet she was also thrown into jail, for a time.

I saw a documentary, I did listen to the other side of the story. Did you?

Apparently, she was asked by these two gay men, “Haven’t you issued licenses to murderers, child molesters, thieves?” This in response to her stance, that she could not in good conscience, Issue a license to gay people.

What if I refused to sell a car to gay people, or a house? What if I didn’t even know they were gay? How does her stance line up with the plumb line of true justice? And I’m sorry but, they were right! Yes, I do wish they were not gay, but boy howdy, we need to grow!

The Early church (Apostles) were jailed because of signs and wonders, and not so much for what they preached, but the alarm over how many people were actually following them!

Sorcerers were put of business. Jesus was asked to leave town, because demons going into a herd of pigs, was just too much for them.

Little kids with big swords, shouting over the top of people “I AM THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS” are not going to win the battle.

I’m sorry, but her actions did not represent Christ, and if she can’t do this job with a clean conscience, she ought to have resigned from the job. And whether we like it or not, the gay people had a point. And, my ex-boss had a point, and Christians, come on now!

If we force our beliefs on others, how are we any better than those who do the same for any other religion? We are not a religion! We are Christians! Anointed ones! Believing for a demonstration of the Spirit’s power! Amen?

We all want a hero, but we need a wise hero. I”ve seen a lot of miracles, signs and wonders. Many I have never talked about, except to my Friends. Many were instigated with a bottle of oil, prayers, and a whole lot of faith, in secret, and in private, with God and I working together. My Hero is Jesus, and I am praying for signs and wonders to follow me.


How about you?

Laura Grace



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so….why should we Grow? A Video

Find my books at Amazon. Grace to the Rescue by Laura Grace

Grace to Grow, Grace to Grow Study guide, ABC’s of Christianity (a fun poem form book about who you are in Christ) and GRACE TO SOAR! A gem of a book! Love to you all! Mwa!