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Trailer Trash? Think again! To me, it’s a palace! (overcoming labels, part 1)


This is not the home I live in, but I do live in a modular (Mobile) Home. 

You know, years ago when I was a kid (many years ago now) We lived in a mobile home park. I was invited to a fancy party (down the street) and one of these kids said, “I know you, you live in that TRAILOR HOUSE He had a real sneer in his voice too. I asked why he said that, and he said “My Mom says it lowers the value of our land.” 

I went home crying. I felt like a leper or worse yet, like “Trailer Trash”. Many years later, I lived in one again. I never liked it, much. 

When my husband and I got married, he was really adverse to living in a “TRAILER.’ I remember telling him that may be the only way we can get a bigger home. 

We had looked at bigger houses, 148,000, $150,000, you know……(the prices) which would mean 900.00 a month on a 1300.00 a month take home pay. Not feasible. We suffered in a 943 square foot “stick house’ For 9 years to avoid a “Trailer!”. Finally, sick of being cramped, and having to go outside to change his mind, he relented …….

“Okay find us one,” he said………(in 2014). Well first we looked at a real scary one, that one probably does lower the value of their neighbors. Man that place was scary! A mobile home with parts added, like a big Frankenstein model! We passed that one up.

OUR HOUSE we paid on for 9 years (11 now, it’s not sold yet) had lost value, which was not what is supposed to happen. Mobiles depreciate, not houses, everyone knows THAT right? So, in 2014 we bought a mobile home. We bought this one, and we love it! our-new-house-great-pic

We were down at the Cafe, (in town) the other day, and someone told someone where we live and he said “Oh you mean that TRAILER?” (in the very same town as that kid way back when.) I thought wow. You are so clueless Mister!

You have no idea, how blessed we are by this Home, which God provided the way for us to have. Now my husband doesn’t have to scoot sideways to get into bed. Now my Family can visit without two of them sitting on the coffee table and our knees bumping together in the living room! 

I am so blessed by my (Ahem) TRAILER! And I know for a fact I am not Trash! God says so! I”m going to talk more about overcoming labels. Stay tuned! Laura Grace, Author. 



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