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Shhh!! The Stuff Nobody wants to talk about Part 1: Political & Religious Correctness


shh“Here We Go Sports Fans! The Religiously Correct VS The Rabble Rousers! Going Head to Head…..TONIGHT ON DU U C ! Later the Conservative Giants will take on the young know-it-all-liberals, Stay Tuned!” 

Kind of how it seems, Doesn’t it? Everyone’s fighting these days. If they aren’t, they are holed up somewhere with others who “think like them.” 

Personally, I am tired of being afraid to speak, trying to hold my nose right, and all that goes with it. A long time ago I was arguing, at a place called Yahoo Answers, Religion and Spirituality. I am banned from there by the way, Probably forever. I would not back down. I was going to “Win some souls” or die trying! Oh I had some great arguments, had my bible handy …I KNOW How to use the word (my sword?). 

Oh those poor sheep who were looking for answers there! The big bad Atheists were clobbering them, telling them how full of crap they were for even daring to believe in God. It was awful! I never saw the likes of it, in my life (at that point in time). This was 2009. It’s everywhere now. But let me tell you something. And this is part of what I’m called to preach and LOOK AT THIS, Square in the eye. 

WE are not called to argue or beat people down! That’s the very thing that makes everyone think we’re monsters. (Christians, You know?). But at the same time, we are also not called to compromise and say “oh Okay,” You are gay, you want to pastor my church, you want to lead my music, (you and your partner) and be blatantly gay.

Why would you do such a thing? Yes, the Christians are wigged out (on most fronts) and, they really are. The universal theology that there is some Light somewhere, who is so benevolent he doesn’t care WHAT we call him, is swiftly taking over. Saying Jesus is the way is getting to be well, Very unpopular, but the other gods….Well we can say their name. Why? Well partly because we abused (or) neglected the privilege. 

Preaching is getting to be dangerous (at best) unless one is preaching to the choir. How long are we going to sit around church, and preach to each other? Where do we go next? What do we do? The Church needs a new plan, Stan. Hop on the Bus, Gus. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see, I don’t want an Atheist leading my church. Go, lead your own (Atheist church) leave mine alone! Listen, Gay people. I’ve been cheated, mistreated, and discriminated against. When the airline said, “no fat girls” on the airplane, I didn’t like it, but I didn’t start a rally. I’m referring to stewardesses. 

The Airline is a business, and they have a right to their standards. Let the cake maker sell cake, reserving the right to not make a gay cake. My goodness! Before batman was popular, you should have seen the trouble I had, making my son a batman cake.

It did not even occur to me to sue the cake places over this? My goodness! If you want respect, act respectable. Respect others, including Christians. You won’t get rid of hate by hating. Sound logical? It is! 

Discrimination! It’s everywhere! all the time! If you can’t get over it, I’m sorry, I am going on with my life. Church? If we were serving Jesus, loving him quietly, singing our songs, and being a blessing to society instead of PROTESTING everything, this may not have happened. We reaped what we sowed. Not fun to have the shoe on the other foot, is it? Maybe we should learn from it all. And get humble. 

So yes, Protesters, I know the church has trespassed in times past. Forcing their ways on you…….not practicing the Grace we always preach. But at the same time, Two wrongs do not make a right, nor make things right. Being a bully, is being a bully. Some church people have taken their turn at it, and nobody stopped them. 

Programs won’t help. Jesus will! If you don’t believe me that’s fine, please don’t push your god (whoever, whatever it is) down my throat. If you do, now you are the hypocrite. 

Here’s my prayer: Father, please forgive us (church goers) whether we personally did it or not Forgive us for trespassing AGAINST OTHERS by trying to ram the bible down their throat. We said we preached Love, Mercy, and Grace, but we sounded like Pharisees. Forgive us Father! We have no excuse! Change us, mold us, and make us the people you always meant for us to be. Help us to STAND Father In the standards you have set for us. Help us walk it, live it, and pray  for others….

Save this nation Father I pray. Heal those who are so upset and unruly right now, and frothing in anger at all the hypocrisy they have seen from Christians. Oh Father, have mercy. help us (Your church) to repent! We repent of self righteous indignation We repent of our bully like ways and we ask you……..bring revival! bring healing and bring your love to this great land …..America. In Jesus’ name we pray. 

Amen …AND I didn’t get much to the Religiously correct thing. Just Serve Jesus, Love him, study him, get to know Him! Be an Example! A good one! What a great goal! 

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