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When Christians get divorced…..

One good side effect of gay marraige is the whole church world will come to realize every piece of paper obtained for marraige is not a union arranged by God. Either that or they will succumb to peer pressure and decide it’s just okay

I am not an advocate of divorce but it happens. People who have no other way to get free should not be condemned over this and i’ve said it before (and will say it again).

Just seperating is a wonderful ideal but we live in a world the other person would be pursued for their bills and everything else so in some cases, yeah the person just needs to pray to “Free themselves like a gazelle” from the bad promise they made.

(book of Proverbs)

I was researching amazon about the topic and was amazed to find how many people have written that God showed them the very same things he showed me about the topic.

He talks about liars going to hell but yet Abraham lied (to save his wife) or was deceitful. God did not condemn him for it he was in a very big pinch. 

He said honor your Father and mother but he didn’t mean for little children to take abuse and say thank you for beating me please whip me again and kill me next time.

We need to see the very heart of God about things. I’m sure he uses whatever pain is driving people to defend gay marraige to bring about good in more ways than we can count

GOD is into TURNING OUT FOR GOOD what satan intended for evil! We have to stay focused on the good he will bring! We have got to Learn to say “USE THiS For your GLORY!”

That’s what I have done with all the heartaches and harships in my life “turn it out for good” “Let me help people’ Let me enourage them they are not alone” …….

Drug addicts get free, everyone rejoices. a person who gets their whole sense of self worth in taking care of someone who wants to stay addicted, messed up, and fights God’s ways at every turn ALSO needs to get free from that (type of) addiction.

The problem is very few rejoice with them when they do. In Order to set at liberty those who are bruised, see the captives set free, and see revival come To America, we need to see everything through God’s eyes, and not the natural man.

A Holy Ghost filled person in Love with Jesus is not going to just “toss a good marraige aside” nor anything else God has given them. So Do not fear! We need to start Trusting When a person is saved and Spirit filled we WILL KNOW WHO THEY ARE! There is coming a day we won’t be able to tell with our natural eyes who is who.

We will have to be led of the Spirit to survive (what is coming). Pray for souls to be won (to Jesus) and for people to be made whole. That is God’s heart for his (lost) people! Salvation being reunited with Him and RESTORED (made whole) that’s what he wants!

He is not sitting in heaven like a big dictator getting all hot under the collar about sin and mistakes. He is weeping for their souls, He just wants them to come to him and receive what he paid such a bloody price for ……..

HIS children! He bought them back! and heaven help anyone who gets in the way of HIS KIDS coming back to him! I’ve written a mini book “a Christian case for divorce” and I will publish it. Let me know if you want a copy send me your email. With Love,

Laura Grace 

4 thoughts on “When Christians get divorced…..

  1. Biblical grounds for divorce are clear–1) sexual immorality and 2) the other person deciding to leave. The only other issue that I believe would constitute divorce would be a physically abusive person, but even this would be handled in the context of the church and the police, who would be directly involved in discussing the issue with assailant. The fact is we quit because our fleshly needs are begging to be met–however basic and innocent they may seem. It is our hardness of heart that leads us to abandon marriages in a majority of cases. I am not talking about physical and sexual abuse which constitutes a relatively low number of cited reasons for divorce. Most divorces occur, in the general sense, due to either side giving in. Irreconcilable differences. The issue is that people believe that they deserve better and set out to find it. We take matters into our own hands and find happiness our way. This is not Christianity at all. The fact is, when living with another person we must consider them more important than ourselves, which most people do not do. When this happens, conflict, friction, and disappointment will be constant.


    1. The church? Do you have any idea how many ministers recommend women stay with an abusive man? (Who also abuses the children?) Those who chose to go the route of drugs and hard drugs especially, molest their children, throw them against the wall, abuse their wives, threaten to kill them, and often do. These are not small statistics there are literally THOUSANDS in this situation. Some are men. They won’t go to church if they are going to be told stay put. Not on your life! They will find support in the secular realm. I have talked to women who have not darkened a church door for years all because they got no compassion, just rules about how “you made the vow” You have to stay! Some got married in vegas, at the Justice of the peace, and other places. They were like prodigals, and wound up “almost dead” And came to their senses. A person who is just leaving a marraige because they had a bad day, their husband won’t buy them flowers, or they got bored? Yes that’s something the Lord wants to deal with and convict them! (For sure!). But I was one who nearly lost my life and so did my children, over scripture being pulled out of someone’s hat, and someone that had not walked my road, nor had a clue about what I was going through! Why? Because they did not listen. Our society does not have enough policemen or programs in place to save all these lives (children and women, alike). So I minister to those who suffer in this way, and let them Know Jesus loves them, wants to free them, and wants to deliver them. I have not and never will just tell someone to get a divorce! However It’s my aim to remove the shame that is often associated with those who have escaped (and often, without the church’s help).

      There are wise clergy out there who care and there are those who don’t have a clue. May my message be heard far and wide to those who have never walked in the shoes of an abused person. Surely if a child was molested and tortured, you would not say, “Children, Obey your parents?”

      thank you for your input. God bless you sir! And keep on ministering to those who just want to get a divorce for no apparent reason. It’s a good thing! 🙂 Laura Grace


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