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God’s Unconditional Love……..

God doesn’t want us sin-conscious, he wants us God-Conscious. See, the reason Adam and Eve Knew they were naked, is they ate from the tree Of the knowledge Of Good and evil! Prior to this, they were just “Innocent.” (Even if Naked!).

Now, if they needed to be clothed for some reason, God would have told them, because they were in fellowship, with him.

God and them would fellow-ship and everything was hunky dunky When we have to decide for ourselves what is good (or evil) that’s what seperates us from God!

When we realize how much God loves us, it’s so easy to love him back! Seriously! it is.

So then, if we are God Conscious, we are all in love with him!! (Because we KNOW (intimately, or first-hand) How much he loves US.

When we are sin-conscious, we worry all the time if God is upset with us, or if we are being punished, And that is what some people will teach us to do. People who don’t know God, who see themselves as prophets (and teachers).

No wonder Paul said “who has bewitched you?,” You were running a good race? “Who cut in on you?”

He also said…..”I wish they would cut themselves off!!” (Book of Galations)

Being led by the Spirit is such a beautiful thing!

We don’t live in that Old Testament “prophets” showing up- telling- us- we- are- in- sin type of time. We live in a world of Grace, thousands of angels rejoicing! full of light, full of wonder! and full, I might add of the glory of God!

Remember falling in love? all you could think of is how you are dressed! do you smell good? All you could think of is being with your beloved……and wanting to please them…….right?

Some of these get married and, being in love and wanting to please turns into “fear of upsetting their spouse” (because they are always upset at them about something. do you see how the relationship dynamic changes then?

People who love God do not “intentionally sin” they are in training with the master, and they are his children, and he says what their priority is right now, not man.

It’s not good. A good counsellor will show them how to be in love again. It works the same with God………

Just as God told Adam and Eve NOT to eat from that tree, born again believers are told by God (by his Spirit) what to partake of or not partake of. Yes, you can exhort people, but ultimately what a person does IS between them and God.

-Laura Grace

1 John 3:8-10 “He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God.”

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Set backs, PTSD, and being Liberal……


Good Morning! I have a lot on my heart this morning. I thought, “I will just write, and see what comes of this, “being real……” You know? 

This morning, I had a lot to do, and I heard of this person (a young woman) who wanted to have a babysitter for a missions trip. As quick as lightning, it took me back to a problem I had, while Trying to serve on the Worship team at church. 

I was about her age, and I was living for Jesus, full throttle. This meant I wasn’t having a lot of fun (in the natural) No drinking, no trips, fun was a rare commodity, and so was eating out. So worship team, now that was good, clean fun! 

We had practice, were all in harmony, and I got up there to sing on a Sunday Morning. A family member had agreed to watch my children, during the service. To my horror, My kids went scattering around the church, and one was crawling under the pews. The Family member had gone to the restroom, told them to sit still. Well, they didn’t sit still.  Even More horrifying, when the pastor pointed at me and in front of the whole congregation said: “You need to go take care of your children.” 

Not asking for sympathy here, but the story of this woman just “took me back,” and I found myself thinking okay, do I pray she has a better outcome? Well, of course I do! 

I’ve been struggling lately, with people who seem to lack empathy. They give pat answers, tell me how they struggle too so that should make it all better. I miss the days of praying for each other, and it makes me sad when people Self-Righteously “DECIDE” what is a worthy prayer request, and what isn’t. 

On being Liberal. I am liberal (and generous) with the benefits of God. I believe in Grace, Mercy, Healing, Forgiveness. I believe God is liberal (and generous) In all his ways. So really? I am a true liberal at heart! 

But from what I’ve seen in politics, it often means, “lets give liberally to my agenda,” and have understanding about what I care about, and the rest of you can go to *$)#!”

That’s not liberal. That is just mean-spirited! 

SO, PTSD is a new diagnosis, for trauma from the past erupts, and makes it difficult for us to make good choices (in a nutshell.) I think a lot of people have this, even on a minor scale. They have been hurt, just like I was that day on the worship team. I can never get that time in my life again, and I felt robbed of a chance to have some healthy fun. Now I have a choice don’t I (from all the trauma I”ve experienced?)

I can go out and make laws (to make sure I don’t get hurt, ever again) Or I can rally a big protest (because of my pain) Or…………..(OR) I can just ask God to heal me, and count it as Justice! I want restoration, more than I want compensation. A healed and restored life is the best Justice (and revenge!) Because truly then we know The enemy DID NOT WIN! God has healed me of a lot! I am aware each time he heals another area of my soul (He restores my SOUL Psalm 23 Amen?) But it’s a process, and not overnight. 

Just pondering my choices today, and asking God for healing, deliverance, Restoration, and all great things from him! He is my God! He is my source! And he is my healer! 

I have this feeling I will never regret this choice (Putting it all before him, and trusting him about the outcome!) Yep I’m 100 percent positive in My Faith, It’s a choice I will never regret. I have 30 years behind me, of Testimonies of God’s faithfulness & Love. 

How about you? 

Laura Grace,

Author and minister for the Lord Jesus Christ.