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When you’re taking a trip…..(A very important message about the road to heaven. )


We live in the knowledge age. Everyone wants to discuss what we should or should not be doing, and more importantly, what others should or should not be doing. Without a doubt it’s the most philisophical, debatable, and argumentive age we’ve ever seen. 

When I’m taking a trip, i hope I will plan (how much it will cost) and is there air in my tires? Do I have all the necessities for my journey? What route will I take? Where am I going to stay along the way, and when I get there? We all know if we don’t plan, it’s likely we could end up by the side of the road, sleeping in the car (or something) and then there is the big question: “Why am I even taking this trip?” 

Once we know that (and our passion for the trip is established) we might begin sharing with others what we are doing, where we are going, and why. 

I’ve encountered so much advice along the way, and I know people are trying to be helpful. “Take water and tools” they may say “in case you break down.” “Pray first” Or maybe they’ll say “You can’t afford that trip.” (How do they know?) or maybe they will share their trip, what they did, and how it was a much better trip than you are taking! 

It doesn’t matter, because if you only got one shot at your dream trip, would you let anyone take it from you? Would you let them waylay you, stop you, thwart you, or waste so much of your time you never even get there? I don’t think so! 

Funny how we would take something like a “road trip” so seriously and not ponder where we are going for all eternity. (and who we will see when we get there!)

I”m sorry, I can’t allow you to take me off course! I have a dream about doing things God’s way, learning from Him, Following Him and having him say to me when I get there “Well done” “Enter in” “Glad to see you my son (daughter). He gave me the route, the plan, and he has helped me to count the cost. I don’t have time to argue about it or debate with you about whether my plan is good or bad (according to you). My Father from heaven has spoken, and I must be on my way. 

Laura Grace            John 4:34 “Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work”


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Savoring the Moments, VS Running at breakneck speed! Which are you doing, right now?


For those who don’t know me yes, I am a Christian.

However,  I do not believe in ramming my beliefs down the throats of others. If you ask me, I will tell you, and I do share and testify of the Goodness of God, toward me! 

I don’t have much time today, (pretty busy,) but I just had my family visit for a week, started a new job, have all the other jobs and chores to take care of (which previously took most of my time,) and I just wondered, do you ever have this experience of feeling you cannot “savor” the moments of your life? I do, and have! 

But you know, for those of us who serve, who are like this Proverbs 31 woman (She gets up while it’s night, and prepares food for her house) or even the virtuous man (He gets up while it’s still night, and goes to work!) Sometimes it gets a little hard for us. Does it not? This past week, I was a bit in distress, because I didn’t feel like I got to savor every moment in time (with my family) that I wanted to savor. 

It reminds me of eating on the run. (Did I even taste that food?) It occurred to me this morning, We can savor our time with the Lord, even if we don’t seem to be savoring the moments of our lives, at all times. We can deliberately sit down, even if it’s for 15 minutes and say “Right now” I am having quality time, with the King of the Universe! 

Psalm 23 “He prepares a table before me” One of the promises of God, many forget to believe for! Father “Prepare me a table, Feed me!” Thank you Father!

We SHOULD BE motivated by love to serve, amen? We have experienced the wonder of having someone serve us, feed us, take care of us, so therefore, we want to pass on the blessing, do the same for someone else! I know I have sat at the table many times, when I was a child, looking at the wonder of the meal my own mom prepared. 

In the story of Martha (in the bible) When God said Mary had chosen the better thing, he was not insulting Martha at all, nor was he unappreciative of her efforts. Jesus had eaten with Martha and Mary, many times. He also prepared food for his own disciples after his death and resurrection! Did you know that? 

So when it says in our bible, “when I became a man” I put away childish things, part of the meaning of this is: You Serve, and decide it’s time to be a grown up! “It’s my time” You say to do for others, what has been done unto me! And for those of you growing weary, I want to remind you of this: Psalm 23 “He prepares a table before me” (God himself!) and he never asks you to do for others, what He is not willing to do FOR YOU! I Love you! SO does God! Please remember this ………..and when you have finished running, he will give you water, food, and spiritual refreshing! He knows you are tired. He understands this! 


with love and appreciation for all those servants out there……and don’t forget, even if you feel harried THEY are appreciating what you do! (and enjoying your blessing, very much!)


Laura Grace