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Dysfunctional People…..they come in all shapes and sizes!

ANOUNCEMENT! I have finished the book Dysfunctional People! 

    This book is fun and easy on the eyes……

This book contains timeless truths and reflective helps to think on as you deal with…… 


I have really prayed over this book, and the work involved is one of the reasons I have not posted for awhile.  Here’s a video clip describing it: 


Here is the link to purchase the book:



With Love!

Laura Grace, Author Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow and Grace to Soar

Available on Amazon. Type the name of the book plus my name like this:

Grace to the rescue by Laura Grace, Grace to grow by Laura Grace…..

this is how to find the books in the amazon search bar. thanks so much!

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Building in God #7 What is a Steward? Am I a steward of something? (read and see!)

TREASURE BOxFather please help us today to see what you see (In your Spirit Father) in Jesus’ name, amen” 

So we are on part 7 now, (building with precious things) which is based on 1 Corn 3:12, that we should build with gems and gold (VS wood hay and stubble) if we want what we build into our lives to survive (the storms) and fires and floods.

Being Fire Proof! What a concept eh? I want to be (how about you?). 

So what is a steward? Someone trusted (or in charge of ) something. Now, we do need to know if God has assigned us to this task. Our Job (we prayed for) now we are a steward of that. Our Home, our children, our dogs, cats, birds, even hamsters! Everything we are in charge of we have become a “steward” of that task.

God says if you are faithful with a little, you’ll be trusted with more (and more and more). Here is some scripture on this: 

  1. There are stewards of the mysteries of the gospel (1 Corn 4:1) 

  2. There are stewards over us, for a time until we mature (Galatians 4:2) 

  3. Stewards should be faithful or they can lose their jobs (1 Corn 4:2) 

  4. We are all called to be good stewards of something (1 Peter 4:10) 

  5. Laborers are Stewards so are Ministers. (Matthew 20:8 and Col 1:25) 

I did not include the parable of the unjust steward (Luke 16:1) who almost lost his job! When I write my blogs I normally do not include a lot of scripture as God has called me to Speak plainly and exhort (vs detailed teachings) but what I say always comes straight from the word of God as it’s base (or source). We need to realize not only is God watching our stewardship, but it benefits US to have a job with Him In His Kingdom! 

As in the show “Touched by an Angel” (which I dearly loved) we are all on assignment from God to be steward over something (or many things). These assignments are important. Our children, our dogs (cats) our homes and our jobs, as well as school studies God has assigned us to, people to pray for, meals to cook, money we have been given, and yes, ministries we manage and over-see, are all equally important to God. It’s all Stewardship. 

So what’s the message? (you may ask?) “Stay at your posts!” Do it Faithfully! It will not only benefit others, but yourself as well. Precious gems take time and heat to develop, and as you stay faithful to what God has given you, the goal of building in the spirit with Precious things comes into play.

The goal is not for someone to be impressed by your life (as in others and their praise of you) but are you building things that will survive the storms of life? This is what matters most!

This is important, my friends! How can Jesus say “Well done, good and faithful servant,” If we are not good stewards over what he assigns to us? 

I do hope this helps you “stick to your guns’ about Building on the Rock! And realizing that yes, in the long run, yes it is worth it to ‘do things right” in Jesus! You do have Time It’s not all for nothing! You will Stand when others cannot stand. so stick to it! 🙂 with love and blessings, 


Laura Grace, author, Grace to Grow, and pastor in training, Grandma, mom, and steward of many things. Peace! 

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Squirrels and Banana bread, should I just toss it to the squirrels?

I’m not bitter, but sometimes I am just irritated by “life on planet earth, in General. 
It all adds up, you know?
Like, I want to use my I pod. I remember when I wanted one so bad. I have a brand new one now, but the fuss of trying to use it is just too much to bear! I long for the days of the Walk man, when my biggest fuss was just getting the cassette out, and turning it over. Those were the days!
Now, it’s update this, and do that, and this, (on computer) and sign in and pay for this (and that) and oh I’m sorry, that song is 2.99! WOW. So I just gave up! (on that and other things) along with the blue tooth head set I have no idea how to use with my stereo!
Oh I don’t mean to gripe, just, your favorite cereal disappears from the shelf, is replaced by a bunch of cereal I never heard of. I try to be brave, try a new kind, YUK!
Now do I eat it (and resent every bite?) Or toss it? Getting my creamer out of the package and any other food (it seems) requires surgery, scissors, and a big knife! Everything is packaged like we are going to space! (Tomorrow!).
Whatever I do on computer, meant to enhance my life, becomes more complicated by the minute. No you can’t use that password, you must have a symbol, a number and a capital letter! Now I have to have a book just to keep track of all the passwords! We have junk mail in our regular mail, and junk in our email inboxes as well. 
On top of that, we post a blog, something we feel is helpful, like this, “WOW that helped me maybe it will help someone else too!” so like my grandma, who used to make banana bread for company (and then, nobody came) I sit there thinking, why did I even put this banana bread out there to share?
She used to say “I tossed it to the squirrels!!” I guess in her very big frustration she thought; “Well at least the squirrels might as well eat it!” Well, she was not about to stop making banana bread! Baking was her talent! She had to use it, (Just had to) In order to have Joy! I can understand her frustration. I feel that way sometimes, too.
Sometimes I feellike I made this delicious banana bread and nobody wants to eat it!
So, I just throw it to the squirrels! If I keep on baking, someday someone will come and say “wow that banana bread was very good! can I have some more?” To which I will say; “Yes by all means yes’ (and walk Joyfully into the kitchen!).
For you see I was born to serve, it does give me Great Joy……..
Laura Grace, Author, mother, minister, and your friend