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When Having Faith Hurts (And we don’t get the outcome we desired).

What do we do when having Faith hurts us? I’ve experienced the devestation of not having the outcome I believed I woud have (after believing, with all my heart, for something to happen.) What I see is, God honors my Faith, but my timing isn’t always the same as His. 
I used to stand outside my door every single day (praying in the morning) believing for a bigger house. The house we lived in at the time was so small, it literally felt like you had to “go outside to change your mind.” Prospect House outside 2017.jpg
This house was 643 square feet (total) including the porch area, and when my kids came to visit, we didnt have room for everyone to sit around the table.  
At Christmas time, we sat in a circle, as if we were in a tee-pee, and the coffee table became one of the chairs. It was a small, small, very small house, and we lived in it for several years. During that time, God taught me to be thankful, while having faith at the same time for “something more.” 
     Now, we live in a double wide mobile home, which is a blessed home to us, but probably “lost its’ value” according to the world. However, we love it, and consider it an answer to prayer! We had to adjust our faith to receive this house however, because it wasn’t exactly what we were believing for. There really is a balance between “not giving up on your faith” and staying surrendered at the same time. 
God did honor our Faith, but he also had us make some adjustments in the process of having Faith. By his Spirit, he challenged our thinking. Isn’t that what a good Father should do? 
This is our house now: garage
     God is smarter than we are, and it’s not that we should just “give up on having faith” nor should we just say, “Whatever will be will be.” God commends (and honors) people who have faith. Do not shrink back! (Hebrews 10:39). 
Laura Grace, Author, Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow, & Dsyfunctional People. 

 Hebrews 11:35 “Women received back their dead, raised to life again. There were others who were tortured, refusing to be released so that they might gain an even better resurrection. 36 Some faced jeers and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment. 

3These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, 40 since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.” 
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That time I got jealous about a cherry coffee table……Grace to Grow: Real Stories #1


I had a friend, back in the 90’s, Her husband and her had quite the testimony, a beautiful home, and were truly prospering.

I was in a bad (destructive) relationship at the time, and I was reading my bible, attending church, praying all the time for help from God and deliverance. 

She was concerned about me, standing in faith with me, praying for me and my children.  One day she was saying to me “that perhaps” I needed to ready myself to be delivered from this relationship, by not agreeing with some of this person’s evil ways, and that I should be bolder, stand up to what is evil, and make a stand for truth. 

I”m not sure why exactly, but her relentless challenge to me to “hate what is evil” and keep resisting the devil’s ways just hit me wrong that day. I looked at her life, her big house, her husband kept his job, and her new cherry furniture…….

And right there, in the middle of her coaching me, and exhorting me to stand up to evil, I exploded! I said “that’s easy for you to say, you and your Cherry Furniture!” 

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, i was furious with this person, who was just trying to help! Did I love God? (Yes) Did I want to be righteous? (Yes, again) and did I pray and hope to be all God ever wanted me to be? (Yes, again!). 

But inside, I was frustrated, seething! I was hurting, and in pain! (and trying to be very  brave in spite of it all!). Still, to God that was no excuse. Why Did I lash out at the very person trying to help me, I wondered, after I got home? oh, We had a laugh over it, She started laughing! Eventually, I started laughing too! I acted like a complete ninny that day, and was so embarrassed! I went to God with it…….

Father I’m jealous, envious, and full of wrath!” Take this away’ I prayed……..

And yes, in the comfort of my own home that day, With God very present, and not at some church meeting, he quietly took away my anger, the Jealousy, the rage…..

And it’s more than 20 years later now…..I have my own house…….but that day I made a decision. IF I never had a house, ever, I wanted Jesus more……..

Grace To Grow Daily by Laura Grace, Author, Grace to grow, Grace to Grow the Study Guide and Grace to Soar, available on Amazon. 



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Squirrels and Banana bread, should I just toss it to the squirrels?

I’m not bitter, but sometimes I am just irritated by “life on planet earth, in General. 
It all adds up, you know?
Like, I want to use my I pod. I remember when I wanted one so bad. I have a brand new one now, but the fuss of trying to use it is just too much to bear! I long for the days of the Walk man, when my biggest fuss was just getting the cassette out, and turning it over. Those were the days!
Now, it’s update this, and do that, and this, (on computer) and sign in and pay for this (and that) and oh I’m sorry, that song is 2.99! WOW. So I just gave up! (on that and other things) along with the blue tooth head set I have no idea how to use with my stereo!
Oh I don’t mean to gripe, just, your favorite cereal disappears from the shelf, is replaced by a bunch of cereal I never heard of. I try to be brave, try a new kind, YUK!
Now do I eat it (and resent every bite?) Or toss it? Getting my creamer out of the package and any other food (it seems) requires surgery, scissors, and a big knife! Everything is packaged like we are going to space! (Tomorrow!).
Whatever I do on computer, meant to enhance my life, becomes more complicated by the minute. No you can’t use that password, you must have a symbol, a number and a capital letter! Now I have to have a book just to keep track of all the passwords! We have junk mail in our regular mail, and junk in our email inboxes as well. 
On top of that, we post a blog, something we feel is helpful, like this, “WOW that helped me maybe it will help someone else too!” so like my grandma, who used to make banana bread for company (and then, nobody came) I sit there thinking, why did I even put this banana bread out there to share?
She used to say “I tossed it to the squirrels!!” I guess in her very big frustration she thought; “Well at least the squirrels might as well eat it!” Well, she was not about to stop making banana bread! Baking was her talent! She had to use it, (Just had to) In order to have Joy! I can understand her frustration. I feel that way sometimes, too.
Sometimes I feellike I made this delicious banana bread and nobody wants to eat it!
So, I just throw it to the squirrels! If I keep on baking, someday someone will come and say “wow that banana bread was very good! can I have some more?” To which I will say; “Yes by all means yes’ (and walk Joyfully into the kitchen!).
For you see I was born to serve, it does give me Great Joy……..
Laura Grace, Author, mother, minister, and your friend