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My Theory on why God answers prayer….or doesn’t sometimes…..

I think God answers prayer so we will know who He is. In Part We know him as provider when he provides. As healer when he heals, and as saviour when he saves. Deliverer when he makes us a free of a mindset or bondage we’ve been in, and teacher when he instructs us. We know him as Father, Protector and Leader …And disciplinarian and friend. 

I found a clue in this passage of scripture today and began to think about it. 

Exodus 9:29
  • Moses replied, “When I have gone out of the city, I will spread out my hands in prayer to the Lord. The thunder will stop and there will be no more hail, so you may know that the earth is the Lord’s. 

So you may know…….He did the same thing with Elijah and with Jesus “So you may know……” (what God looks like, what he thinks, what he does) ………

It may be silly but If I want to KNOW my Father I need to read “the whole book’ …..I don’t read it to show off, or look important! I read it to KNOW HIM! 

I can honestly say I”ve come to know God as provider, protector, deliverer, and friend. He is comfort he is Restorer……..He Is most certainly Love! but if we define love as always getting our way we won’t believe God loves us. No he doesn’t answer every prayer. “Because ye ask amiss” James exhorts…….

Some theologans then decide you can never pray for a bicycle for your child (because it’s asking amiss! God knows your heart! He is your FATHER (in Heaven) He knows what is good for us, and what isnt! HE DOES Love to suprise us too! If you never ask for something silly, you will never come to know that he cares (about certain things you didn’t think he cared about!). 

AMISS is not caring what God wants! I want what I want! It’s a covenant people! Him and you! You and him! KNOWING EACH OTHER (and what the other wants) This is what Jesus meant when he said “make them one with you as you and I are one” 

I want to share something I started praying a long time ago. “Father help me pray prayers you will answer” ……then I wait, I do pray in the spirit….

I dont pray the way every one wants me to all the time! why? Because  I asked him how I should pray! and not for MY WAY but I have learned how I have learned, truly HIS way is better than mine. Always! HIS way is better than mine. And God doesn’t send trials my way the devil does! God’s always GOOD the devil (always bad) We let the enemy in at times THE DICIPLINE OF GOD (asking for correction) is to have him show you how YOU are letting the enemy in! I tell ya I was so jumpy about asking God for correction the first few times but it’s a BLESSED THING to not get my way! And have him show me HIS! 

I know it seems like double talk to say ask and you’ll receive and then say God says no to some stuff ASK HIM WHAT he wants to do! (for you) this is about relationships! WE are not serving a God that is distant, or aloof or doesn’t WANT US To know him! HE WANTS US TO KNOW HIM! ……..Everything he does is to HELP US know him Better!! If we would only just get that! and not think he’s on our case all the time, or holding out on us! 

He Just …..WANTS US TO KNOW HIM! I promise He really does! 

With Love! by Laura Grace Author, speaker. your sister in Christ-and stay tuned for my upcoming book! it’s going to be great 🙂 

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So, How do we prepare, exactly?

Prophets cay Prepare. but how do we prepare?
Not just by study but by a ready heart and mind

to receive new things from God during the time
he is purifying us. Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God my bible says.
We prepare- by choosing to seek God during the
trials for what he has to say to us, instead of
constantly seeking him to deliver us from the
discomfort our flesh is experiencing.
As we go through the trial, God reveals himself,
and we begin to see him as he is.
1John says, if we have this hope,we purify ourselves.

While we know we cannot purify ourselves, we do

have to participate by receiving God’s best for us

via our prayer. Even Mary (Mother of Jesus) said

in response to a promise from an Angel:

“Let it be done to me, according to thy word.”

Nothing is automatic. We are not on some spiritual

auto-pilot, after we get Saved. We always will need

to participate with God, and cooperate with Him in

this experience we call “Our Great Salvation.”

What did God mean when he said to His Prophets’

“Brace yourself like a man and I will speak!” He

meant, prepare yourself to let your ideas about this

go out the window! Prepare to let go of your own

ideas! This is what purification really is, a separation

from the fleshly ideas- and receiving God’s ideas instead.

Love to you all! Laura Gracea light house 2