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Building #8 What is Integrity?


“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9 “…In teaching, show integrity” Titus 2:7 

What is integrity? It’s doing the right thing when nobody is watching. It’s having a moral compass or having ethics do to things the right way (according to God). The old sin nature it to just “see if we can get away with stuff.” 

The best example of integrity toward ourselves I can think of, is the story of the three little pigs. The three little pig story shows us the end result of either cutting corners, taking the easy way, and so on and so forth. What I do not see is the brick building pig having an argument with the other two on “the best way to build.”

He did not have time for it! 

In this series, we are talking about building things that will stand the test of fire and flood. Wood, Hay and Stubble they will suffer loss (1 Corn 3:12) so we are not talking about your eternal salvation here, but making wise decisions toward God. 

People always want to know (It seems) “What’s in it for me?” Having integrity may not produce instant gratification or results. Like the Three little pig story, you may not “SEE” a house very quickly, when you are doing things one brick at a time. In the end however, you will see a fire proof house. 

Integrity produces trust worthy ways in us. It may take a long while, but we will soon see people trust us, believe in us, and would trust us with their very lives, all because we have proven we have integrity.

I am sorry this process (seems) to take so long, but it’s worth it in the end! Proven integrity, and the willingness to walk in righteousness through thick and thin, is necessary to building a house that will stand in the storms. Not only that, if we want to be an effective minister for Jesus, We can’t really help anyone without a solid place to stand.  Let them build their house of straw…..(If they want to) it’s not going to stand, so do not worry about it. YOU do the right thing for you! 🙂 

I leave you with this thought, as we ponder why so many tell us “hypocrites’ Go to church…….Let’s not be one of them.

Please Father! Fill us with integrity! and the desire to press on, and believe it’s all worthwhile. Amen! Pastor Laura Grace 




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So, How do we prepare, exactly?

Prophets cay Prepare. but how do we prepare?
Not just by study but by a ready heart and mind

to receive new things from God during the time
he is purifying us. Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God my bible says.
We prepare- by choosing to seek God during the
trials for what he has to say to us, instead of
constantly seeking him to deliver us from the
discomfort our flesh is experiencing.
As we go through the trial, God reveals himself,
and we begin to see him as he is.
1John says, if we have this hope,we purify ourselves.

While we know we cannot purify ourselves, we do

have to participate by receiving God’s best for us

via our prayer. Even Mary (Mother of Jesus) said

in response to a promise from an Angel:

“Let it be done to me, according to thy word.”

Nothing is automatic. We are not on some spiritual

auto-pilot, after we get Saved. We always will need

to participate with God, and cooperate with Him in

this experience we call “Our Great Salvation.”

What did God mean when he said to His Prophets’

“Brace yourself like a man and I will speak!” He

meant, prepare yourself to let your ideas about this

go out the window! Prepare to let go of your own

ideas! This is what purification really is, a separation

from the fleshly ideas- and receiving God’s ideas instead.

Love to you all! Laura Gracea light house 2