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Building on the Rock #1 Your Prayer life

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Good Morning! God has something great for us today! (Let’s pray) 

Father I ask you in Jesus’ name. Please get me closer to you! Help me hear from you! Please cause me to have that “relationship” that everyone is always talking about, with you Father…..In Jesus’ name we pray. amen” 

In Timothy 1 Paul says (to Timothy) “FIRST of all…” Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men…..” 1 Timothy 1:1

I have asked the Lord for years now, cause me to do thy will, cause me to say what you want me to say, cause me to do my part, and when I get to heaven, I want you to say, ‘Well done.”

I see that the plan of How-To-build-wisely is threaded all through the old and new testament. As I sought on how to build he let me know “FIRST” Is your prayer life.

When we pray about (all things) we are choosing the pearl of great price (God’s wisdom) over our own. I know a lot of people say make “sure” It’s in the bible, but ….

One time my husband was asking God to speak to him and he was touched to add transmission fluid while he was out of town. It was low, and no indicator light came on to tell him.

He said “I”m so glad the Lord showed me that!”. He was seeking really hard for God to “speak to him.” and I know we all wonder, will he tell me great things today? Maybe I”ll write another book of the bible (like Daniel, or Isaiah!).

And tell me……WHERE in the Word of God is the word tranmission Or even “transmission fluid?”” Not there! Did he get deceived, I wonder? 🤨🤓

Surely as we pray, we do not leave ourselves off the list. Every week I see answers to prayer (every week!!!) Why? Because I pray every week! Do I think I’m too stupid to make decisions without God? Can’t I just “function” without him?

Sure I can (to some degree) but see now doing it all myself would be that “wood, hay or stubble” he was talking about. it’s the easy way, and seems like less trouble, takes less time.

isn’t that why the pig chose the straw house? It was easier?

(to be continued) Laura Grace

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So, How do we prepare, exactly?

Prophets cay Prepare. but how do we prepare?
Not just by study but by a ready heart and mind

to receive new things from God during the time
he is purifying us. Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God my bible says.
We prepare- by choosing to seek God during the
trials for what he has to say to us, instead of
constantly seeking him to deliver us from the
discomfort our flesh is experiencing.
As we go through the trial, God reveals himself,
and we begin to see him as he is.
1John says, if we have this hope,we purify ourselves.

While we know we cannot purify ourselves, we do

have to participate by receiving God’s best for us

via our prayer. Even Mary (Mother of Jesus) said

in response to a promise from an Angel:

“Let it be done to me, according to thy word.”

Nothing is automatic. We are not on some spiritual

auto-pilot, after we get Saved. We always will need

to participate with God, and cooperate with Him in

this experience we call “Our Great Salvation.”

What did God mean when he said to His Prophets’

“Brace yourself like a man and I will speak!” He

meant, prepare yourself to let your ideas about this

go out the window! Prepare to let go of your own

ideas! This is what purification really is, a separation

from the fleshly ideas- and receiving God’s ideas instead.

Love to you all! Laura Gracea light house 2